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My Sickly Blog or The Time I was Attack By Plauge Monkeys

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello all I am as everyone knows we have a nasty flu virus going around right now, and unfortunatly I caught it. To save my sanity I decided to write down stray thoughts that came into my head and share them with you when I got better. So here it is un abrigded and unedited. I found them kinda funny hope you do to. Oh during my inforced exil unto the realm of sick I lost 4 pounds. I think I like the other way better. At least the scenery changes.

this is how I felt when sick

Okay fith day in with the flu and I am missrable and bored out of my skull. so I thought I would write down all the weird thoughts going through my head. This will probley take 2 weeks to write so I expect it to be a bit long.

1, Yuban coffe should never be drunk when sick or any strong coffe for that matter. I am sticking to earl grey tea.

2. I sleep alot when sick

3. bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored.....Did I mention I'm bored? I'm to unfocussed to catch up on paper work and can consintrate to well for mindless stuff. Hence I'm bored.

4. exersize and flu make me fall down and go boom.

5.I am cutting my sugar in half in my morning coffe. see if one teaspoom of suger hels instead of two.

6. one of these days I'm gonna buy a pedometer that works and that will kick off the apocolipse!!!!! The count is seven now And people wonder why I don't get a fit bit. And me want too!

7. I REALLY don't like vistors when I am sick!!!!!!

8. when I have a low grade fever I have no consept of time

9. I can't keep track of any stop smoking messurues when sick

10. finail fantasy is key to keeping my sanity when sick.

11. did I have a cig. 1 hr ago or fifiteen min?

12. again bored.

13. I am a evil evil friend for siccing plague monkeys to my friend.

14. I am sick and misserable....why am I writting this again?

15. I MISS COFFE DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!

16. bored bored bored bored bored

17. Collectorcards are the key to sanity

18. Low grade fever makes me loopy ... I'm henry the eighth I am. Henry the eighth I am I am

19. Poe is even trippyer to read when sick.

20. when did tv really start to suck?

21. food sucks, activity level sucks, Oh gods just shoot me!!!

22. perky morning people have no respect for the dieing.

23. BBq ckicken soup has no flavor

24. the fist person to die of this flu in to happened yesterday. mabye I should rethink not getting the shot?

25. finailly getting better the clouds are parting the birds are singing And I'm still bored!!!!!!

26. Finailly getting to leave the quarintine tommorow I can't wait to get at it!! gonna steam some ckicken and veggies and have solid food!!!!!!! (doing my sickly happy dance)

*Note to self when making a steamed chicken and veggie meal........ MAKE SURE YOUR SAUCE IS NOT EXPIRED!!!!!
got food posining and stuck in bed AGAIN!
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    Thinking I'm thankful I got the flu shot! Glad you are feeling better! emoticon
    2919 days ago
    I am just getting over it myself & now I am coming down with a head cold! Darn viruses! So sorry to hear you have been sick. I was thinking of you earlier this evening & was wondering how you were doing. I was having those same kind of thoughts when I was sick. Felt like I lost an entire week! Feel better soon my friend!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2919 days ago
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