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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So my thoughts are random this morning, a little all over the place.

Last night I watched the biggest loser and they talked about how you can shop on a budget spending $10 a day per person in the family. So you are telling me spending almost $300 a week for a family of 4 is eating on a budget. I don't know what world these people live in but I spend $250 to $300 for two weeks of groceries. Of course I shop at the military grocery store so things are cheaper but not $150 cheaper a week. That just seems crazy to me! Not sure what they are eating on the biggest loser ranch but I think, yogurt, salad, salad toppings, veggies and meat is cheaper than $10 a day per person. Just seems a little impractical but maybe food is alot more expensive on the West Coast than here in VA.

I got on the scale and lost a 1/2 a pound. I am a little upset but not too bad. I can tell the difference in my shape but I REALLY would like to see it on the scale. I work out at least 5 to 6 hours a week if not more and so far I have only lost 3 pounds since New Year. I just completed the January Fitness Challenge and now starting on Friday I start a biggest loser challenge so I am really hoping to see the scale go down more. So my beginning weigh in will be on Friday and maybe I can lose another 1/2 pound by then. That would be nice. My original goal was to lose 10 pounds by Valentines day but I will be lucky to lose 5 at this point. Maybe the first two weeks of this biggest loser challenge will push me to lose faster.

This mornings workout was a 15 minute coach nicole video, 20 minutes of circuit training and 20 minutes at 4 MPH on the treadmill. I am hoping to get another 1/2 hour in tonight like I did last night. Some days I work out a hour and a 1/2 a day and some only 45 minutes but I try to work out 6 days a week if not 7.

Last nights dinner was stir fry beef and broccoli (I did not eat the rice). Tonight is baked pork loin chops, and fried yellow squash with onions. My daughter ate good last night though she normally does not like anything if I call it healthy. ha ha! I know the kids will eat good tonight since they love my baked pork chops and my squash. I am also trying to get in at least two fresh fruits and/or veggies a day. Today they will all be fresh. I am trying to cut down on my processed foods, however in a couple weeks it will be difficult. My husband returns from military deployment. Whenever he is home and cooks it is normally one of those lipton side dishes, macaroni and cheese or something like that. He adds butter to everything and it is so hard to plan meals when someone else is cooking. Though I am grateful he is cooking because I get tired of doing everything most of the time, it makes planning very difficult. Especially when he changes the menu at the last minute.

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  • GK1963
    I live on Vancouver Island and would love to be able to buy ground turkey for $1.00 a pound!

    I am just me at my house and I buy fresh fruit and veggies, always have cheese and yogurt in the house as well as boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Meat and poultry I always buy on sale and freeze in individual servings. There is no way it costs me $10.00/day to eat - more like $6 or $7 and I eat healthy.
    2999 days ago
    I substitute Ground Turkey in the place of Ground beef and I can find it in the frozen food section for a little over $1 a pound, much cheaper than ground beef. I use it in spaghetti, mealballs, anything that normally calls for ground beef.
    2999 days ago
    Wow... I did not see the show but there is no way I could afford $10 per person a day. For my family of 4 I usually spend between $350-$400 a month on groceries. That is including all my fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, healthy dairy products, my special high fiber foods and almond milk for myself plus more. I buy a lot of things when they are on sale and stock up on them when I can get them at the lowest price. This helps instead of buying just as I need it which sometime can cost a whole lot more.
    I have been also doing the January Fitness Challenge, and still no change in the scale it keeps fluctuating up and down a few pounds. But I look at it this way maybe I am building muscle which weighs more, because I can see a difference in my body. This month I have done more variety and minutes than any other month since I started in April of last year.
    I was looking for a challenge to do for February. Maybe I to will try the Biggest Loser Challenge. I will have to check it out.
    2999 days ago
    Things do cost more on the west coast, my brother used to live there. Congrats on the 1/2 pound and just think of all the muscle you've built working out like a fiend!! Just be patient emoticon

    Tell your husband I said thank you for his service.
    2999 days ago
    I watched it also and couldnt' believe that they expected us to pay $50 a day for 5 people that is $350 a week. I spend $500 in a month. I do try to buy more produce and whole grains, lean proteins, but sometimes there are weeks that we have a lot of bills due and it is impractical for me to buy the leanest beef, when it is $9 a lb. We do eat a lot of chicken breast especially on the bone. I can make my own chicken broth and control how much sodium is in it and then I batch cook soups and such. This helps a lot. We do like salads, veggies and fruits. I find it almost impossible sometimes to buy just the healthiest foods for my family. When you have $70 for the week and have to feed 5 people sometimes it is the processed cheap food. I feel bad, but trying to buy the "healthiest options" sometimes isn't affordable no matter how much it is said they are.
    2999 days ago
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