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Grandson & Life Update:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I am so very sorry (again!) for not being around. My 3 yr old Grandson ended up in ICU at a special Children's Hospital! We came quite close to losing him!!! This flu is NO joke!!!!!! 2 children died that were in ICU area with him :(

I stayed at my daughters home while her & her hubby stayed at the hospital with the baby. My other 4 Grandkids got it and were quite sick as well. 1 almost ended up in hospital too.

Then I got it and laid "passed out" with 104 temps for over 5 days. No one knew how sick I was as my daughter was back home taking care of her 5 kids and was super busy and I just told her I did not feel well as I did not want to add to her worries. My hub, well you all can image how worried he was about me - NOT!

But I am finally almost back to normal. It really drained me and for days after I was so weak and tried. I am just now getting back on my real feet. But trying not to push myself too hard as the bug is still around and I sure don't want to get it again (if that is even possible). This past Weds was the 1st day all my grand kids were able to return to school for the same reason - just plum tuckered out after having it :(

Hub issues - I will think on THOSE things when I feel a bit stronger. Right now just doing all the "must do" things that were let go while I was away helping with grand kids and was sick myself.

Thank you all SO very much for prayers, posts, support!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

PS: I plan to make my rounds to the teams I am a leader at today or Sunday and try to do some damage control. I am SO SO sorry!!!!!!!
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