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trying to get on track AGAIN

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It seems that every time i get on track, life throws dynamite at me and tears the track completely apart and then i have to rebuild the track. uggg.
so today's blog is just me complaining about the rebuilding.
my worst thing is soda. some how i managed to stay away from smoking, drinking and drugs, but soda i just can't quit it.
will try again tomorrow. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks ladies. Today was a really good day. I had no soda & over 90oz of water. I did enjoy a small vanilla milkshake tho. But I'm ok with the water to milkshake exchange. Plus I had extra cardio minutes today. Not a ton, but double what I've been having. emoticon
    3072 days ago

    You can do it, just try to make some small changes over time and build on them. If you are under too much stress right now with what life has thrown at you then I would say that you should go easy and try to get through that stuff. Meanwhile be kind to yourself and find some stress relief in some exercise and drink more water.

    Above all, KEEP SPARKING!
    3073 days ago
    Good luck in your weight loss journey!
    3073 days ago
    How's that track? Welcome back! We missed you! We all have our "thing". You will learn to live with yours. emoticon
    3073 days ago
    I completely understand the track coming apart. I I no longer get upset with myself when I have a bad day, now just take each day as it comes. I fell off the track a month ago when I had a miscarriage and took a break from it all. I worked out every day before and I just started again this week (slowly). At first I was frustrated with myself but then decided as long as I am doing some workout it's better than nothing. I too struggle with sodas! When I first started SP I only had one week and now at one day. I figure it could be worse. Hang in there and remember tomorrow is a new day!
    3073 days ago
    Don't let it all get you down. The most important thing is trying even after things seem to go downhill. Every day is a new day. Getting fit and healthy can be a sacrafice and you have to fight for it, but maybe you can make things easier for yourself by limiting your temptations and how much you're exposed to them. I am personally a lifelong chocoholic and I understand that I can't cut it out of my life forever, but I can bring way less of it into my house and I can eat way smaller portions than I used to. I have a huge obsession with Cadbury mini eggs or creme eggs. Instead of buying the 4 pack I used to buy and the big bag I used to eat in one or two days, I only bought one egg and one snack size pack of mini eggs. Then I limited myself to only one egg when I really needed it and counted it toward my calories for the day. Then I had the mini eggs on a different day. I saw that they make mini cans of soda. Perhaps you could get some of those and if you really really want a soda, drink one and call it a day. Enjoy every sip. Good luck and DON"T GIVE UP!!!! emoticon
    3073 days ago
    I know what you mean about life throwing things at you. The important part is getting back on track every time. And give yourself a break on the soda. Of the four vices you mentioned, soda isn't a bad choice to be stuck with. Start reducing the amount when you feel ready. You'll get there!
    3073 days ago
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