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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Yesterday I went out to train for my next 5K with my husband and my little brother. My goal was to get from specific points in our route (which measures 1/2 mile) without walking. I got to that point and then thought "OK just keep going till you cant do it anymore then you can walk." So I got to another significant point in the route. At this point I was thinking "wow, I'm still going. OK, ready? We can do this. FINISH. A. MILE. You're almost there anyways, just keep going."

I wanted to stop so many times but then I thought I'm going to feel sooooo horrible if I stop, look at my running app, and see that I was SO CLOSE to making it to a mile and I stopped just short of it. So I kept going and kept going and wanted to stop so badly MENTALLY, but in all reality my body could have kept going.

Then I hear my app say "One Mile..."

OMG, I started crying!!! I ran a mile!! It took me over 14 minutes, but I don't care. After TWO YEARS of trying to run, learning to run as I call it, I can officially and with pride call myself a runner. I couldn't bring myself to say that I was a runner until I was able to run one mile without walking. I have too much respect for people out there who train their butts off and go for miles on end through pain, through wanting to stop, early in the morning before their kids get up, after working a 12 hr shift and dealing with things at home, after life happens and they still MAKE time to go out and run. I wasnt going to take that title all willy-nilly. I had to earn it and my God, I have earned it.


It feels amazing!!!!!! I just had to share it with my SparkCommunity. Thank you for all the support, you guys are AMAZING!!

And just to add some color to this blog, he's a shot of what my new running shoes will look like. They will be my birthday present for my 30th birthday next month. Turning 30 is a milestone in life and becoming a runner is a milestone in fitness so I think that deserves some celebration.

Still debating whether I want green-on-yellow or yellow-on-green.

emoticon RUN HAPPY!! emoticon
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