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Women Run Arkansas!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

My local chapter of this group met tonight for our first training session. I joined the intermediate group because the criteria ostensibly was to be able to run 4 minutes at a time. The goal is to run the entire 5K at the end of ten weeks.

The intermediate group was lumped with the advanced group this year. You can imagine my shock when the leader said to run two laps around the track to WARM UP!

Good grief! I thought we were going to start with FOUR MINUTES of running!

But I did that, and then she was blathering on about something called a Miracle Mile and told us to run around the track four times!!!

Well, some of the women were talking as they jogged and said it would be OK to jog/walk and lots of women did that, but I vowed that I was going to jog the whole 4 laps. And I did. I finished in 12:09. Yay me!

Of course I was gasping and sweating profusely (in 40 degree weather) bu I did it! I am easily one of the oldest women in the group, not to mention one of the largest. I should probably drop down to a lower group but this will be a good challenge so I think I'll stick with it.

This is going to be an amazing experience. There are 6 different groups, from untimed walkers all the way to the advanced group who are running 8-9 minute miles. All ages, all sizes, all abilities. I was proud to see a couple of very large women out there walking. I know how hard it had to be for them to show up.

Our town is 14th in population in the state of Arkansas yet we have the LARGEST number of participants in the state -- over 750! In May there will be a "graduation" where all the participants from all over the state run a 5K. Women only!!

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