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WHO Won our 5% Challenge?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well, it depends on whom you ask! emoticon

Neither one of us lost 5% (not a surprise), but we decided the winner would be whomever lost the HIGHEST percentage.

We got up and both stripped to our birthday suits: I lost 3.5 pounds for 2.26% emoticon

TC lost 2 pounds for 1.2% emoticon

But then he said, "You know my body doesn't work like that. I have to have my coffee first and (ahem) let nature take its course. Then I will be lighter."

WELL, NATURE DIDN'T TAKE ITS COURSE AND since we had to leave for the fitness center, I declared myself the winner of the $200 prize. emoticon emoticon emoticon

We worked out (Cardio PowerPump). Then we went to the city trail and did another 4.5 miles of walking with a few intervals. Next was the grocery store, the post office, and home.

Nature apparently took its course, and he called me into the bathroom where he was again in his birthday suit, on the scale: HE was down an ADDITIONAL TWO POUNDS! I KID YOU NOT!!!!(Now I am totally, irrevocably convinced that my husband is full of SH*T. I have the proof!)

So with the additional 2 pounds his percentage is 2.4%. So now HE'S claiming victory and crowing about the benefits of his Pie Diet!

The only difference in what we did this morning was he drank one bottle of water and I drank 2. The full bottles weigh 1.6 pounds, so if I add that to my weight loss...well, you see this gets kind of silly.

So, who do YOU think won?

I'm thinking of calling a mistrial and having a re-weigh in tomorrow. And if he can't make "nature move" before we weigh in, that should be HIS problem!!

I'm sorry if this is TMI. But this is serious. I had plans for that $200!!!!!
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