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Smoking and Mortgages

Friday, March 22, 2013

Why these two titles you ask? In February I wrote a blog stating that I am going to stop smoking. My last day of smoking is April 4th. My birthday is on the 5th. A new person! My mortgage company is trying to foreclose on my house. I live in HOuston and moved to MN in 2009. I had renters in the house but they didn't last long. They bought a house and didn't tell me. I could not pay the rent in MN and the mortgage in TX. WHen I moved back I started paying the mortgage two times a month. THat was doing great. Then for some reason they told me they were going to foreclose on me. I contacted a lawyer. This has been going on for too many months. I found another lawyer and she told me that it will be taken care of quickly. So today I uped my smoking today. One pack almost done due to stress. But FOR SURE after today, I will go back on lowering my smoking daily til April 4th. April 5th will be a NEW ME! No more smoking!!!!!
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