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Good Advice from Sparkland, AND My Reward!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thanks to everyone for the sympathy and advice. I didn't even want to go to class today but TC came with me (he normally doesn't on Fridays) and we went to Pilates. This class is taught by the director of the group fitness classes, and she said several things in Pilates that led me to believe that someone already complained about yesterday's class.

But I will definitely say something to the instructor before the next class. She only teaches it every other Thursday, so maybe I'll be OK by then. But TC, who stayed in the class until the end, said he thought 1/4 to 1/3 of the class left early. And that just isn't normal; people generally ALWAYS stay until the end unless they have an appointment or something.

Anyway, I'm moving on and going back to my normal happy self!

Here's a picture of my reward! It's something I've always wanted but could NEVER justify. You have to be careful buying them used or on the internet because of knockoffs. But there was a 50% off sale on the Coach factory website so I was all in! TC even helped me pick out the style. What a great husband!

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