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Yesterday's Run....

Sunday, March 31, 2013

....was in the rain! Out of 900 women in the running clinic, about 125 showed up. I want to tell you, IT WAS RAINING! HARD!!!

We meet at the high school track and rivers of rain were running across the track to the infield. There were puddles at the ends where the track was banked. I was carrying a gigunga golf umbrella and wearing a lined nylon jacket but I was soaked before the end of my warmup laps! Needless to say my feet were completely soaked.

It was only 55 degrees and my legs were cold when we started the intervals, so I had to go slow. I used the slower pace to experiment with gaits and form, keeping my shoulders down and my stride long. It actually was a good thing because I wasn't completely out of breath at the ends of the running segments. I think I need to slow down until my cardiovascular system catches up with my legs. (If that makes sense.)

Anyway, I finished! I felt very proud of myself. I was totally soaked to the skin -- through the jacket, my shirt, and my bra. I would have NEVER done that in the past but I made a commitment to attend every clinic because I know what happens when I allow myself to start making excuses...

TC and I were planning to hike today but are afraid the trails/rocks will be too slick so we are going to do a long walk and intervals on the city trail instead.

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