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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Well it's been a while I have been on inforced bed rest because of my back and found a few things out.

1. You cannot move any part of your body except your toes with out your back
2. Bed rest causes weight gain, as in all that hard work gone.
3. Extra weight does not help your back.

So I am thinking my Doc is a bit of a quack, and I am gonna get a new one. I have gained all my weight back. So I am gonna go back to exersize cause eating right alone doesn't work. I would rather be dead than bed ridden any more, so time to find exersises that won't kill my back or me. Back to square one........

I will start by doing the walking 1 quater mile again, and SLOWLY raise my distance. And on alt days I will have ether lower upper or core exersizes not all at once though. During the "My dr's a moron" time I bought 5 differnt exersize videos. I will try them all out and see If
a. they don't make my gag
b. I can do them with out a E.R. trip
c. I can rub my Dr's face in this

Yeah I have not been in the best mood but do you blame me? I lose all this weight screw up during the holidays get back on track, and then I am told don't do anything? Yeh that's gonna happen.

I am taking a slightly different look to things I wanna make it fun but not all happy sappy so I tried to think of a way that fits both...and I came up with this

Pretty neat huh? I know I know The Zombie Apocolipse Is most likely never gonna happen but in the stat I am in, I am "zombie food". I don't wanna be "zombie food". So it is time to stop being that way don't you think? I am doing a sort of How to survive manual to go with the training and I will post the pages as I finish them

On antother note, the reason I dropped off was because I got more bad news from a differnt Dr. I am gonna have to have a Hysterectomy Sooooo yeh thats hapening.
On the plus side I finailly got the Nicoderm CQ patches. I keep wanting a cig. But not because I am having unbearable cravings. It's because I can't seem to figure out what to do with me hands. I have all the dum dums but I don't want to add more calories so no to the suckers any non calorie Ideas out there I would be happy to hear of them.
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    2830 days ago
    I like sugar free mints. They aren't calorie free but very low. Dum-Dums only have like 23 calories each. You could probably have a couple every day.
    2838 days ago
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