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Not Feeling It Today

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not the best day today. I awoke to a phone call early this morning from my uncle who I helped last night at his bakery. He was still very ill and needed some help down at the market in his shop. So, without hesitation, took a quick shower and was out the door.

The problem is, I had not prepared for this day and took off without preparing any food. So, hungry, and without options, I mowed down pies, hot dogs, soda and sweet corn soaked in beautiful butter, mmmmm, oh the bliss.

During the mayhem of the day I had no thoughts of my health plan as we were getting pumped by customers by the dozen, it seemed to be non stop. By the end of the day I had not a thought whatsoever about healthy eating or working out, I was just hungry and exhausted. After last night I was still exhausted and hadn't slept very well either. On the way home I pulled into Maccas and got a couple of burgers, fries, soda and some chicken nuggets.

Now home, I feel bloody terrible. Physically. I got a major headache, reflux symptoms and my body is totally sluggish. I didn't get to the gym yesterday or today and I feel physically drained.

This is something I hadn't planned for. One night out of the schedule was fine and I would have been able to work my way around it. But two days in a row has gotten the best of me. Not to say that I won't get back to it tomorrow but man I feel so lost physically right now.

This means I am going to have to create another plan to add to my master plan when situations like this arise. Perhaps some ready to go meals in the refrigerator. Or maybe some frozen soup I can heat up and put into a flask or something. We will see.

Hopefully when my wife returns from her friends tonight, I may get up the energy to head to the gym and maybe hit the tready for a lil bit. Although, Saturday night they don't show my kind of football here in Melbourne until early in the morning.

Anyways, hope everyone had a better day than I. God bless you all, kia kaha.
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    We can have a Master Plan, and that is great, but there are times when we just have to go with the flow, and I strongly suspect that this was one of those times!!

    Keep well,
    Kris xx
    2877 days ago
    My day wasn't much better than yours to be honest....am fully expecting my weight to be up this week when I WI at WW on Wednesday.....

    Tonorrow is a new day and the track can be better for both of us....

    2878 days ago
    Hey thanks everyone. Feel better already. Love it when I get a little telling off, it's good for the head and works for me in helping me get motivated. Cheers for that. :)
    2878 days ago
    Its great that you are able to help your Uncle out. I hope that he get's to feeling better. Hey give your self some credit...you no you messed up and you shared it, Being accountable emoticon Hey life happens and we move forward. Now when your wife gets home, you get your little rear to the gym. You no that you will feel so much better. Give that body of yours a little wake up call, shake it up and work it out. You'll be happier tomorrow knowing that you worked out tonight. Plus that is making an effort to getting back on track, You will sleep better tonight. if you have peace of mind.
    Next time if you have to stop at a fast food place try Subway that's not to bad. Drink the water instead of the soda.
    emoticon emoticon
    Stay strong my friend!
    2878 days ago
    I ran across your blog by pure accident . First I think it is great that even though you "fell " off so to speak .. you thought about and are going to put into action a plan for next time. That you help out your Uncle "family " at the drop of hat without any thought about your plans, say so much about your Character. I know it didn't go the way you planned but I bet your Uncle is so grateful.. it really sounds like he did need all the help you were willing to offer. I hope on your journey you can find an AP . I know they help , but being accountable to all us women isn't a bad thing. I hope when your wife gets home you get to the GYM to take a few steps forward so you feel better.

    I hope your day gets better kind sir.. The world could use more men like you ! emoticon

    2879 days ago
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    That is great that you helped your uncle!! I have had those times too where I didn't have time to prepare and it can be really tough.. You are ahead of the game however as you are preparing for future times,, way to go!!! emoticon
    2879 days ago
    Do the best you can. emoticon
    2879 days ago
    When ever you feel as if not eating clean, keep this in mind. Dwell on how you felt today. It is a wonderful learning experience. I like how you don't let it get to you. You are making plans for the next time because you know there will be days like this.

    You are wonderful to do this for your uncle. keep strong

    2879 days ago
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