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WAR! What Is It Good For?

Friday, April 26, 2013

WOW! What a crazy week! Very busy indeed. It's 5am and i'm about to take my daughter to work and head off to the gym. I have some things on my mind I wanted to share.

Recently, Thursday, New Zealand and Australia, celebrated A.N.Z.A.C. day. Australian, New Zealand Army Corps day. This is a day where soldiers both past and present are remembered and honoured for their military service. Dawn services are held everywhere with marching parades where servicemen, women and families of those lost, pay tribute.

ANZAC march of Maori battalion

My grandfather served in world war 2 before he was captured and placed in a german prison camp. During the war he suffered and endured while many of his comrades fell in battle. Although as a POW, he laughingly says that our people were treated a lot better than their fair skinned counterparts. Apparently the germans were wary of the large, brown, cannibalistic savages they were unaccustomed to dealing with, lol. He says their uneducated bigotry, in this case, may just have saved their behinds. German general Erwin Rommel even commented: "Give me the Maori Battalion and I will conquer the world" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%

Maori battaliion performs 'Haka' during the Egypt campaign.

I was raised a christian to never support political wars. However, this got me reflecting on many of the stories my grandfather shared and many I have heard from others. The struggle against blistering cold in the forests of Osonia The searing heat in the deserts of Egypt. Being hunkered down for days in a shallow, hand dug ditch, bullets by the millions flying inches above their heads. Trudging through mud and water. Eating rotten bully beef and spam. Watching their mates fall one after the other.

The question begs, what kept them going? How the hell did you get through all of that? Don't get me wrong, I still don't support military wars of any kind. But I believe there is something I can glean from my grandfathers experience.

STRENGTH OF PURPOSE. The goal was the same for all ANZAC's. Side by side these soldiers went with a purpose and saw it through to the end. Good or bad, they didn't stop. One goal, one purpose. Despite the challenges, they held together. NZ, AUS, UK, US and many others all united.

Strength. One cannot help but marvel at it's manifestations. Whether at war with another country or simply at war with oneself. I am at war with myself. A battle of the bulge you might say. Not to be laughed at though because this is an ongoing battle. One that, for many of us, will last a lifetime.

Upon reflecting on the sacrifices our fathers and mothers made for us, I draw many strengths from their dedication and commitment to their purpose or goal. They faced the toughest of times and could well have given up but they chose not to. Even when the chips were down they kept going with only the thought of their loved ones back home.

The men and women of the wars have given of themselves willingly for one another. Beside each other, gathering strength from one another. They displayed discipline and courage where needed. My grandfather often says that it was his family and mates he was fighting for, not the government. And in that, I find strength.

We all have challenges. But in my wife and children I find the strength to keep battling. My love for them motivates my will to carry on no matter how many times I trip and fall. They give me the strength to discipline myself to create better strategies.

In finding like-minded people here at sparkpeople I am strengthened daily by the support and willingness to help from all of you. Like my grandfather I will embrace you and be here for you when you need an arm to lift you out of the mud. The old saying: "Together we are strong."

Continue to grow stronger. Learn discipline and build the courage needed overcome your fears. When you think times are tough, spare a thought for those men and women who gave and still give of themselves for the greater purpose, us.

I want to thank my grandfather for inspiring me to maintain my strength. Those men and women who have shown us that we all have the strength to continue our war. I want to thank each and everyone of you here at the spark for taking my arm on this journey.

May each of you find your true strength and strive for your purpose. May god continue to bless you all. Much love. As always, KIA KAHA!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My father was a pilot during WWII and as a minister's son, war was not something he believed in. But times were different then. They felt compelled to go. My mother was a nurse. Their sacrifices were many. Thanks for this story. I now have friends who's children are in the service and these are really scary times. I truly appreciate their sacrifices and pray for them every day. They leave as children and come back adults.
    You're right, we will be strong for each other.

    2871 days ago
    Its amazing how these peopole went because they believed it is what God required them to do....Serving God & Country....
    I heard that stated yesterday at the service I went to and thought how much God has been removed from society....
    No wonder it is in such a mess.....
    2872 days ago
    ANZAC day sounds like our Memorial day which will be coming up soon. War is a horrid thing and I wish there was no need for it. Unfortunately, until Christ's return, I don't see the possibility of world peace. I greatly appreciate our military and from the stories my grandfather (WWI) and uncle (WWII) used to tell... well, I can't imagine anyone could come out unscathed in some form or another.

    I like how you have brought the war commitment home. You are committed to your health so you could be the best father and husband as the veterans were committed to their war efforts for their families.

    I can see how the German's might have been a bit taken back my a battalion of your people. I know I would be.

    stay strong
    2872 days ago
    I have had family including my hubby in the army. It's so good to here RESPECT talked about them. Back in the day many soldiers did not get the respect that they so truly did deserve. I could not even imagine what goes on in the heads of a soldier, to go through some of the things that they go through. It takes very special people to service our country. Your Grandpa sounds like a remarkable man.
    At work the store is recognizing the military past and present. They get a discount on there groceries. Finally some one doing some thing good for our military. I was very excited when we started to offer this program. It's not a lot considering these soldiers are sacrificing there life's. So grateful to them. God Bless each and everyone of them.
    2872 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10356350
    Thank you for that blog. My husband and both sons were in the army, but are now home. I have always had the deepest respect for those that are willing to serve their country. God bless them all!
    2872 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13784281
    Thank you most of all for being very respectful in your opinions,you are a very thoughtful man.I am a mother of a Marine who served in Iraq as a diesel mechanic, and warrior.He easily made friends with the local villagers,as he has a kind personality.
    One day we were contacted by the military online and told that five troop members had been blown up and that our son was in the convoy.We were told to wait,they would let us know as soon as possible if he was alive.Three days later we learned that he was one vehicle behind his buddy's who was hit. Our son lived,and as a good Marine he brought his buddy's remains back to the base,but their families lost their loved ones,they did not get the good news.He eventually came home to us,he has a traumatic brain injury,but after three years he is doing really well.I too honor and respect those that pay the price for all of us,no matter people's opinions of them.I know my son went to fight for his country,he had no idea what that would mean,but I had to let him go.He did his part,he came back a man,at times someone I barely recognized as he fought the battle of pain.He is brave ,strong,a loving daddy,and not afraid to tell you he loves his mom.
    2872 days ago
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