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Sunday, April 28, 2013

There has been an evil obsticle that has been keeping me stuck in the same 25ish pound range for years.. It's called the Great wall of Threevil. I get close and once crossed over it only to be dragged back again days later. I said at one point or another that fear and the voices in my head that kept saying I couldnt do it or wasnt worthy. I allowed myself to believe the lies. Thats all they were.. a bunch of lies.

I declared 2013 to be my comeback kick butt year and it has been. I have managed to lose almost every week. The gains I did have were no more then a pound or 2. It took me a long time, but I am here! I crashed thru the wall earlier this week, but because of past history, I wanted to make sure it stayed off.

I had to keep stepping on the scale to make sure I wasnt dreaming. As of yesterday I have slashed 27 pounds for the year so far; 30 in total. How awesomesauce is that? The winds of change are here- Breaking down the forcefield was the most important milestone I have had in this process... Now on to the next phase of the adventure

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