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My new nickname (or Pointlessly Meandering Thoughts about my family)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yesterday was my father's birthday so we went over to his house to have dinner with him. My son wasn't well so he stayed home but my daughter and I went. My aunt came, as did my cousin and her husband and 2 kids.

My cousin's husband is, well, I don't know quite know the best word to use here. He's alright. He's likable enough. Not really quite as smart as he thinks he is, honestly, but that's not an unusual trait. He has a Ph.D. in early childhood development and is a tenured professor in early childhood at the local university but keeps insisting that my kids don't have autism or that PDD or Asperger's aren't REALLY autism. But whatever. I don't need his permission for my kids to have their diagnoses.

Anyway, when he came in and said hi to everyone he looked at me and said, "Hey there, Skinny." The whole family hung out for a while, ate pizza (I had 3 slices and am so bloated today!), cake, ice cream, presents... the usual birthday shebang. I told my cousin that a life that could never include pizza and cake and ice cream is a life that would guarantee regain! She said that she can't lose weight because of genetics (yeah, the whole family is overweight but what a cop-out!) and because she loves to eat and hates to exercise. There's the problem!

I have similar genetics to her. We don't even know her father's family so no idea if they tend to be overweight or not but my mother and all of her siblings could be healthier. So if it's purely (or even mainly) genetic, I wouldn't be sitting here in size 10 jeans ;)

I, too, love to eat. Heck, I had 3 slices of pizza plus cake and ice cream last night! Her husband was so funny :) He and I were the last 2 to get a slice of cake and there were 2 slices plated. One had a chunk missing from the bottom but had more frosting on it and I think he was concerned about me "messing up my diet" and wanted to be sure I took the right piece :) I finally just grabbed one from him because I really didn't care!

You see, several years ago this man had won a local "Biggest Loser" competition. But he learned no skills in the process! It was all about lose the weight fast. Which he did. But he learned nothing about healthy eating or healthful living. So, naturally, he is no longer looking the part of a "biggest loser" champ. And I totally got the impression that they expect me to put back on all the weight, too!

I would so very much love for my family to learn that healthy eating doesn't mean always being hungry or never getting what you enjoy and that exercise isn't something that needs to be dreaded. It's all about balancing your diet properly and finding activities you enjoy! I'd love to see these people be healthier! Not just because then maybe they'd have the energy to discipline those little tyrants of theirs! Yikes!

Anyway, as they left he said, "Cya later, Skinny". As I sit here in my size 10 jeans, knowing I have some major core toning to do before I can comfortably wear my size 8s (they fit but are snug and muffin-top-ish), I think that, yeah, Skinny... I wonder if that's what they call me around their house. Did he ask my cousin "Will Skinny be there?" when discussing coming over? But, y'know what? I don't mind. I've definitely been called worse (and probably by them)! If Skinny is going to be my new nickname, that is fine by me! As long as it doesn't change to "Fatso" in the event of regain...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The key is that he is only an educator and educators cannot diagnose a medical condition which is what autism is. Only doctors can diagnose. Apparently in his studies, he missed that very important piece of information.

    You are correct that depriving yourself and starving yourself are great ways to lost weight and then regain it all. You are doing it the correct way. My husband's family has the same issue of easily gaining weight and having a hard time losing. However, it's not impossible if eating well and exercising are done. I've always said to my husband that it's a cop-out that overweight people say it's in their genes. So glad to "hear" you say the same.

    Don't let your relatives derail your efforts. You keep up the good work and be proud of your accomplishments! emoticon emoticon
    2856 days ago
    One issue about having an unhealthy family when you're trying to be healthy is that they can hold you back or push you forward, but it is up to us to decide how we will perceive and act/react to them.

    Be PROUD of all you're learning, doing, and accomplishing. You're far ahead of your family when it comes to being healthy in body and mind. That's incredible and amazing!
    2860 days ago
    #1 there will be NO regain!! And the reason being is that you know all reasons that you listed above. You are a living breathing specimen if you will of how to do this right. You track and exercise most of the time and stick to a "limited" diet. But when there are special occasions, parties, celebrations...... guess what...... no deprivation..... no feeling left out. You eat what everyone else is eating and then tomorrow.... back on track. This is something we can all do and everyone should. Everything in moderation!! I have been saying that for years, but I never adhered to it. I always thought once I had the celebration I "blew it" and thus began the downhill spiral. Now I know that is OK. As long as the "celebration" doesn't become week long and continue. I don't even feel guilty anymore for eating a slice of cake now and then (it doesn't even have to be a party... maybe I want to have a party all by myself) But even that is OK as long as I know when to say ENOUGH and continue to eat healthy, track, exercise and drink my water the rest of the time.!! Great job on your weight loss. I can SO see the difference in your photos on your page! Keep Sparking and maybe eventually you will convince the rest of your family to join you doing the right way!! emoticon emoticon
    2860 days ago
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