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Low carb alteration

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I have been extremely low in energy for a few weeks now and for the past 6 days or so I have been under the weather. I hate not having energy. I have not worked out in almost a week and I am not liking it at all. So I have decided to change my diet AGAIN. Low carbing is zapping my energy levels and I feel horrible so I have decided to stay under 100 carbs a day but not go too low so that I have enough energy to get up and work out for the hour and half I us to. My ultimate goal is to be healthy and skinny and I worry that with the low carb thing I may not be doing it the healthiest way. So this morning I had a bowl of special K with skim milk. I am at around 30 carbs and I have a little more energy. I will have a salad for lunch and try and we are having broiled catfish for dinner with two veggies.

I have been reading Low Carb Dieting for Dummies and it says stay under 100 carbs a day. Don't count carbs in veggies and fruits you can have as many as you want and you can have up to 5 under 15 g's of carbs a day carbs. That way you stay under your 100. So I am using Spark to track the calories in my veggies to make sure I stay under 100. Ultimately when I reach my goal I want to be able to keep it off. I worry with fad dieting that once I go back to having carbs after depriving myself I may gain it back. I have seen alot of that with extreme low carbing.

Today it is raining AGAIN and cold AGAIN. I really wish all of these weather ups and downs would stop. PICK A SEASON ALREADY. I watched the news this morning and it was 80 in Denver yesterday and today it is snowing. That is soo crazy. Thank goodness I don't live near there. However we did put up our pool this past weekend and it has not stopped raining since. One day I am wearing short sleeves and the next I am wearing a sweater. No wonder my sinuses hate me.

I have not run since I finished my 5K challenge and I am really missing it. I am determined to run. Maybe I will be able to get in a run tonight while my daughter is at Dance practice.
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    I hope that you find the balance that works for you.
    2895 days ago
    I also don't have any energy when I don't have enough carbs in my diet.
    And I have a condition that makes me sensitive to carbs, so I have to watch which ones I eat. My doctor recommends that I have no more than 40% carbs in my diet.
    Mostly, I eat the complex carbs -- whole grain products, beans, vegetables.
    I try to keep the fiber high too.
    In addition, I eat more good fats than are usually allowed - but still staying within my calorie range: avocado, olive oil, etc.

    2913 days ago
    maybe low carb isn't right for your body...have you ever read Dr. Mercola? I can't remember his exact terminology for it, but he has a nutritional typing quiz that generates an individualized nutrition plan. You might find more success with that.
    2913 days ago
    Don't take this comment as confrontational, please, I'm just concerned since you don't seem to be getting the most benefit from low carb.

    "My ultimate goal is to be healthy and skinny and I worry that with the low carb thing I may not be doing it the healthiest way."

    There is a lot of evidence that lower carb lifestyles are among the healthiest. There's nothing unnatural or unhealthy about eating lots of veggies and fruits, meats, fish, and nuts. Even our cultural "devil", fat, is only dangerous when packaged with sugar and starch.

    I suspect that you have been trying to "wing it" on low carb instead of picking an established plan and working it. It's been a little troubling to me that you haven't experienced the steady energy levels that most low-carbers come to expect after just the first few days or weeks. The cause is usually going too low on fat and not increasing electrolytes and water intake.

    The science behind low carb is, in some cases, counter-intuitive: eat more fat, don't count calories, don't cut calories too low, don't eat too much protein, etc. To do well on a low carb plan really does require a lot of reading and tweaking.

    Have you considered a paleo or primal plan, like Primal Blueprint?

    It's pretty family-friendly and holistic - not just what you EAT but how you MOVE and how you RELAX. Definitely not a "diet book" either, lol! It recommends keeping carbs under 100g, and limiting dairy, legumes, and grains, but allows sweet potatoes and fruits, which most LC plans shy away from.
    2913 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/1/2013 9:42:33 AM
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