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5/18/2013 Three accomplishments I am proud of this week.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I think my biggest accomplishment is that I walked to the nursing home closest to my home where a elderly friend is staying. I took off from my home at 6:30 am. It was really nice. Hardly any traffic. I walked up hill for quite a while. I was on a 20 minute mile pace. I visited with her and then walked to my nephew/nieces. They live just across the street from the nursing home. I visited with my niece for about an hour and a half. Then I walked home. I was temped to get a ride!! She offered, but I stuck to my guns and said I would walk it. I walked a total of 2.6 miles that day in 42 minutes. Not super fast. Right with my normal speed, but 6 tenths of a mile further than I have gone before. And now I know I can walk to my to see people that live up the street and not worry about not making it back!!

Accomplishment number two is that I baked last night and only saved a few cookie bars for myself. I made them for other people to enjoy. Especially my nephew. He works so hard and uses so many calories when hanging sheet rock. He needs a little extra to keep him going. He just can not keep the weight on. He keeps losing and he is a bean pole already!! I know losing can be a problem just like gaining, although I sometime wish I had that problem!!

My third accomplishment was that I finally had my car detailed. It was filthy and my niece used to detail cars for a living. She did a great job. Now I have to keep it clean. I told my friend today she can't eat in my car. She and I always eat in there, but I am curbing that habit right now!! It is not good to eat on the go like that anyway. So I am going to try to keep my car nice and clean. I also won't let it get that dirty again!! The outside I didn't have her do and I am glad, because we have had 3 days of showers on and off. It is now cleaned off from the rain. I will have a wash when I get my oil changed next week. They do a complimentary wash when you have work done. It is nice to take advantage of in the summer. The have one of the stalls in their service department that is a drive through car wash. So cool!! Yeah for Underiner Honda in Billings. I never take my car anywhere else. They are really good to me and often charge less the the last mechanic I had work on my car. The guys in the service area all know me by name. I feel special when I go in there. And I often get discounts...which I am sure many people do. But I have had a lot of maintenance done this past year and it is nice to catch a break once in awhile!

Well, I may try to make this a regular things I do on my blog. A list of accomplishments throughout the week. It is good to acknowledge the good things in our day. Not to always focus on what we didn't or can't do. I feel fortunate to be able to toot my own horn once in awhile!!

Have an awesome rest of the weekend.

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