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Second job work out! wow how many calories are you burnin??

Thursday, May 23, 2013

OK, had to do some huntin, but, if yer curious what you be burning at your job, here is a site to check it out:


At my current weight...Im burnin 264 calories a hour! Doin 3 days a week, 4-5 hrs...yeah baby!
Pay me ta burn some butt off, a thank you very much...

I knew I was feelin it at the end of tha shift, on me feet tha whole time pretty much, I sneal me a 10-15 break mid way to visit tha powder room n snag a drink....but, wow....a silver linin in 3-4 ways huh kids?

SO, look up yerwork on tha site, you can click to change the weight to be yer current and type in what ya do...and bam....good stuff!

I added the info to me Spark tracker...hahaha, over all, Spark says I need to burn 1300 a week...Im doin 2600 plus with this job a week...

Yeah, stoked...tired, but, stoked....

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