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Is there such a thing as an accurate scale???

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I mean, ok, this Weight Watchers brand digital scale we have...says I weigh between 286 and 294 , in me skivvies, this morning...everytime I step on it, its different...the higi thing at the store says I weighed in at 282...fully clothed....I NEED to know what I weigh! Im bustin hump and HAVE to be losin...I cant go by the "how ya feel" thing, I feel like an old used up holey sock shoved under tha couch n left fer dead....sigh...

Any one got any ideas? I asked at me dr office, they said Id have to pay fer a visit to just drop in n weigh in....way to go medical profession....

Elseways...I work, I earn, I sleep, Im keepin track of me "work outs" and food to a point on here...and am tryin to drop goodies n huggies to my pals...I know it stinks, but, Im not ignorin any of yas....

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    I have had the same problems with scales myself. Get on and get a number. Step off, take a breath, step back on and get a different number!?!?!?!?! I've gotten 4 different readings in less than 2 minutes before. I just shrug my shoulders and assume the lowest number is the correct one :)
    2739 days ago
    If the scale at work gives you a consistent weight after getting on it, then off, then back on a few times then I'd go with the scale at work. Otherwise, I'd just weigh myself once a week at the same time and don't worry about fluctuations too much. If the trend is showing that you're going down then go with the trend. You can always have a bad day and that particular day might end up on the day you weigh in. Like some of the others said too, it might be that the batteries need changed.
    2740 days ago
  • SHEL_V2
    I've found that a weigh-in later in the morning is more consistent. I suspect there is more variation in dehydration level if I weigh in first thing.
    2740 days ago
    I've found that using the same scale in the same place give you a pretty good idea how much you are losing.
    2740 days ago
    scales vary and your weight can vary 5-7 pounds depending on time of day/before after meals. Weigh the first thing in the morning after the morning potty break and use that weight consistently it will probably be the easiest way to track.
    2740 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7644525
    My scale does the same thing and it's so frustrating. I'll weigh my self step right back on and I'll have dropped 4 pounds in a matter of seconds (or gained 5)..lol. I just try not to get on it everyday or I get super discouraged. I've tried changing my batteries and it hasn't made a difference. Good luck.... don't get discouraged.
    2740 days ago
    Its tricky! I go by the trend. So, even if you pick one scale, just do it once a week on that one scale, and hopefully you can follw the trend down. But, re-checking the batteries may be a good option too!
    Doctor's scales are notoriously bad- its almost like the gym!
    2740 days ago
    My doc scale always say I way more than my home scale. :( So when I think I am doing good, I go to the doc and they add 5 stinking ponds! My doc said to just go by the home scale since that it he one I consistently use. LOL! Love my doc :)
    If you ever find the scale that is correct, let me know! I will want one to o. LOL
    2741 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Does your scale need new batteries? I know when mine get low my scale kind freaks out like that. If it's not a battery issue and if the one at work gives you a consistent reading after stepping on and off a few times I think I'd go with that one for the official weigh-ins
    2741 days ago
    Aaarrghh! I know the feeling. Did you know there's a lovely little emoticon just for this very feeling? emoticon
    2741 days ago
    I wonder the same thing so I've more or less stopped weighing myself. Sometimes I can't help myself though, but then I end up frustrated at the uncertainty!

    The hospital near me does a fat composition test for $15 and I've been thinking about doing that. It says it tells you % of fat, water and something else (organic matter?) and I'm sure they'll tell me weight too. Then I'll know for sure!
    2741 days ago
    Yeah, I weighin every Tuesday morning first thing after potty business...the fluxing is all at the same time! My scale is possessed by gremlin aliens.....
    2741 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    No home scale is particularly accurate. So I weigh myself at the same time every day (first thing after peeing, in my jammies). I do not worry too much about daily fluctuations, but rather the trend and there is a SP chart to do this for you. I record my weight every Sunday and then check the trend. I think you can even track it daily if you wish. BTW, my doctor's scale always says I am a couple pounds lighter than my home scale, even when fully dressed, so I look forward to that difference.
    2741 days ago
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