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Time To Get Back On The Band Wagon.......

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time to get back on the Band Wagon…..
It has been a stressful year this year with family medical emergencies. My mother has been hospitalized 4 times this year. She was in the hospital in January for Renal Failure, and then twice for Pulmonary Edema and then on Easter Sunday she had a Minor Heart Attack and was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. She spent the biggest part of this year in Skilled Nursing Facilities, only home for a few weeks. She is now back at home and doing better. She needs personal care but is stubborn and says she can still live on her own.
My sister Cherie wound up in the hospital on April 7th. She had to have emergency surgery for perforated intestines. Her feces were spilling into her abdominal cavity. The Dr’s said it was a risky surgery and her chances of survival were low. They removed some of her large intestines and placed a colostomy bag. We were also told she had 2 different blood infections that were life threatening. She had been diagnosed with COPD prior to this happening. When she got out of surgery they could not get her off the ventilator so she remained in a medical coma for a few days from agitation. Still unable to come off the ventilator so they kept her sedated until she was not so agitated. Over the next week they continued to monitor her. On April 16th they told us that she had perforated her intestines again and had gone Septic. They told us that her chances of surviving a second surgery were not likely that we all needed to come see her. The only other option was to let her lie there and die from the infection which would happen over a course of about 3 weeks. She was taken back into surgery. They had to do an Ileostomy. They removed all her large intestines and some of her small intestines. She did survive the second surgery but we were told that was all they could do. They could not remove any more of her intestines if they perforated again. If they removed anymore she would not be able to absorb any nutrients and would become malnourished and die. It was touch and go for a few days. They still could not get her off the ventilator so they had to insert a tracheotomy. Once that was done they were able to take her off the ventilator slowly. Once she was stable about two weeks after the second surgery on May 1st she was transferred to a Sub-Acute Care Facility. While she was there they tried to get her to use a speaker valve so she could eat and she could not tolerate it. She was very frustrated because the hospital did not make her use this valve to eat. The Rehab said it was a safer way for her not being in a hospital. After a few days her wound opened up and was draining. There was a whole big issue with getting her to see the surgeon but that is another two page story. Anyway they transported her by ambulance to the surgeon just for them to say they could not see her on a gurney (this is where the two page story comes in) and sent her right back to the rehab facility. I was furious. It took a few more days but she was then sent to ER on May 15th to be evaluated for her wound and the infection. When she got there she was in Acute Renal Failure. Her Potassium levels where through the roof. They told me they were totally shocked that she was not in Full Cardiac Arrest. She required emergency dialysis. Once the kidneys were under control she was seen by a new surgeon who said her incision needed to be opened and cleaned and so back to surgery she went on May 21st. He had to cut away a lot more than just the incision area. She now has an open wound about the size of a tennis ball. In this hospital they did try a different speaker valve that she is able to tolerate and is now eating again. She is still requiring a lot of care. They are getting ready to transfer her back to a rehab center once again but not sure where she will go. She is about an hour from where she lives and her daughter who lives with her has not ride to go and see her. I had gone to So Cal when all this happened. This is a 5-6 hour drive from my house. I stayed with my son for the biggest part of 2 months. I was either at the hospital with my mother or with my sister. My three other sisters visited my mother only once. When my sister was in the first hospital my sisters were there almost on a daily basis. This broke my heart knowing they would not make the effort to go see my mother who was less than an hour from them. It also broke my mother’s heart laying in the hospital and then rehab knowing I was the only one with her. I was there every day while she was in the hospital for 8-12 hours each day. Once she was situated in rehab I came home and then got the call about my sister’s second surgery 6 days later and headed right back south. I then stayed another 6 weeks. Once they transferred my sister on May 1st the rehab was now closer to my sons and further from my other sisters. Once again I was the only one going to visit my sister daily. I would sit with her 3-4 hours twice a day. I was her voice. She does not remember much of anything. She does not know what has really happened to her. And with being in her 3rd hospital now she cannot tell the Dr’s what has happened so I have been doing it for her. There were days she would not want me to leave. She even told me twice that she just wanted to die. That broke my heart and spirit. She is now starting to understand what is going on. But still is not sure how she wound up where she is. I think that is going to take time. She is on a road to recovery but it is a very long road. This was all starting to take an emotional toll on me. I wanted to come home. I talked to my sister who is in the hospital and told her I was coming home. She said that it was OK and thanked me for everything I have done. That took a big weight off my shoulder knowing she was OK with it. I could now go home knowing in both my heart and mind that she is doing better.
I am now at home and it is time to get back on the band wagon. In the two months I was there I did not exercise at all and only walked twice. To my surprise I did not gain any weight. Well, still fighting with my 3-5 pounds that I have been for years now. I plan on getting back to everything I said I was going to do to continue my healthy lifestyle. I will get back to logging my food, eating healthier again, exercising and stop making excuses.

I know this is a long Blog, but I really needed to get this off my chest.
I praise God for watching over my mother and sister and leading them both back to the road to recovery. I am Blessed to have all my Spark People family. Some of who listened to me vent through this whole process. Without that I would have been a basket case.


God Is Good!!!!
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