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Post 5k walk

Sunday, June 02, 2013

I did it!! emoticon I completed my first 5k!! I even jogged the last 100 yards or so!! emoticon

To be honest after walking 7tenths of a mile from the parking lot to the check in area I was already tired and my calves were feeling it. I was starting to doubt that I could do it. There were 5 of us on my team and three of them took off much faster than two of us were comfortable with so we let them go on and kept at our pace. And then right off the bat we had a hill (well not a real big hill but enough that you notice it while on your feet or bike, etc.) We talked about it and there were like 7 total inclines (if you include the walk to the parking lot and stairs afterwards, etc.). I'm really glad that the friend that walked with me stayed with me. She was struggling some too so we were great motivation for each other! I'm was ready to drop shortly after the start until probably about three-quarters of the way through when I saw the finish line.

Our time was 71 minutes, which includes stopping for her potty break and waiting in line (felt like it took forever!) for her turn, stopping for a few pictures and slowing down for every color station so I feel really good about that time! Shoot, I'm still thrilled I finished!

Very pleased my first 5k was the color run. It was very relaxed and so much fun! There is music pumping the entire time and can be heard all over the route. A lot of the color stations had people encouraging everyone and after the finish line there is a color throw every 10 minutes or so where everyone gets a packet of color and on the signal everyone throws their color in the air. The whole thing was very relaxed and fun!

My feet, calves, hips and back were pretty sore yesterday but didn't feel bad at all today. My back hurts anytime I'm on my feet for any length of time so that's not surprising. Hips surprised me but guessing its from the small hills that I'm not used to.

I trained for this one on the treadmill (dr doesn't want me walking on asphalt unless I absolutely have to, said special events occasionally was okay, until I lose more weight) by spending all my treadmill workouts at a 1% incline..umm yea def need to do more of an incline for future events! lol

Proud of myself for doing it! Want to do another one!

Thanks for all your encouragement and support emoticon
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