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Job interview and comparisons

Monday, June 10, 2013

I've think I've done blogs before on how unhappy I am with my current job but as I'm doing this to organize my thoughts and opinions I'm going to go over what I like and don't about my current job.

I'm thankful I have a full time job, with benefits and regular hours but I'm unhappy with the job itself and the working environment. My supervisor is well past the age of retirement and is getting more and more confused so I spend time helping her remember stuff and time dealing with her getting upset with me because she's forgotten stuff. She is so controlling I have to clear everything with her, she questions every phone call I take even after all these years and the awesome evaluations she gives me. She also hates change or progression of any kind, doesn't trust computers, so we still do so much stuff on paper! Boss sees it but doesn't do anything about it. The environment in the office is very negative and have been for quite a while. All the employees do is complain about each other and back stab. My job involves a lot of customer service which I am so burnt out on. I'm tired of listening to customers complain. I get aggravated at every little question they ask, find myself mad a lot trying to deal with the public. Shoot I get irritated just hearing the phone ring anymore. And the small town politics...I'm so tired of those too. On the plus side it's located here in town, I've been there over 14 years and have little to no likely hood of losing my job because of the type of office it is, and eventually I should receive my supervisor's job. I've waited 14 years for her to retire, so it almost seems like a waste to leave now. But I hate going to work, don't know that I can even relate how much I don't like it..listening to the customers, having to be nice to them while they chew me out, even just having to see them, the complaining all the time from employees and customers, the politics of the city. I used to get up in the morning and actually kinda look forward to work and now I dread it and can't wait for 5. When I had two weeks off for my surgery I was amazed at how relaxed I was, until about 4 days before I had to go back. I noticed I was tense again, having headaches and getting grouchy. Took me a bit to figure out what it was and it was the thought of going back to work. To me that's just sad! I've been unhappy there for years but always thought it was because of my supervisor and that once she retired I'd be happy there but the last couple years I've come to realize that while it would help if she left; it wouldn't solve everything. I'd still have customer service, the negative employees, and small town politics for a few examples.

I've been job hunting since January and have gotten a few interviews but no call backs for second interviews and only one rejection letter..which if I may get on my soap box for a minute; what ever happened to the common courtesy of sending someone a" thank you but we've decided on someone else" letter or email? I've only received one of those in all these months! Shocks me. But anyway..back to what I was saying..I've had a couple interviews where I thought I would really enjoy the job but wasn't sure I would take it if offered.

Last week I interviewed for a HR Manager job and fell in love with the job and the office environment! 5 minutes into the interview the gentleman (who would be my supervisor) informed me what my starting pay would be (which if I go by the help wanted ad is the top of their range). The hours for this would be flexible . I could work 7-4, 8-5, 8-4:30, etc. just so long as I got my 40 hours in and let him know what I'm doing. He said they encourage employees to take time to attend their kids events and can go in early or go home late to make up for the time instead of using vacation. There are 12 days of vacation given immediately. Office is closed for a week at Christmas, that's paid and doesn't count against your vacation. During the summer they work 4 10 hour days, which would be really long days but would mean 3 day weekends all summer. Retirement plan stays the same. Offer health, dental and vision insurance and I need to double check but the number he gave me for single coverage insurance was less than $50 a month. Would be a lot more responsibility, taking care of all aspects of hr for a much larger employer that I'm at now. He assures me that there is plenty of work and I wouldn't be bored. He's very progressive and would love to have everything paperless, is comfortable with computers and cell phones. In fact at point he mentioned that if I'm running late "just text" him and let him know. This job is located about 25 miles away, all interstate. He told me how the office is like a family and they joke around and get along. I figured he was just talking to make it look good to prospective employee but when he showed me around they were all laughing and joking and evening picking on him and he's the big boss. They made me feel so welcome.

This job would be a $2/hour raise. At my current job I don't pay anything for insurance, although that is always subject to change, this one would be around $25. I currently drive less than a mile to work and this would be 25 miles so would use a lot more in gas, wear and tear on the car and spend more time on the road. Car gets about 22-25 mpg so figure $4 for a tank of gas each way it equates to needing a $1 more an hour for gas. So the raise would pretty much be eaten up in gas. Current job supplies uniforms and laundry service. This one I would need to purchase some dressier clothes. Current job has payday every other week, this one would be once a month. Retirement is the same. Vacation and sick would be less time given in this new job but they are more flexible in allowing you to work around it when you need to take time off so you don't have to take as much vacation and if I add in the week off at Christmas there is more vacation time. This job I would have no customer service and very little answering the phone, current job I'm responsible for all the customer service and answering the phone. This job I would have my own office (not really important but darn sure would be nice! lol)and they would trust me with some responsibility!

I went in for an interview last Wednesday, Thursday they called my references and told one of them it was down to 3 very good candidates and then today they called and asked if I would come in tomorrow and "meet the staff". Assume that means I'll spend some time visiting with the staff as he's already introduced me to quite a few of them and that he is wanting to get their opinion on who he should hire. Obviously I don't know that they are going to offer it to me but I am certainly hoping. Some I have interviewed for I didn't think I would take but this one I'm def leaning towards taking if it's offered. That's part of why I wanted to type all this out.

I'm terrified at the thought of leaving my current job. After all I've been there over 14 years so am comfortable there, everyone in town knows I work there, I know my job and what's expected of me and what it's like there. I'm saddened at the thought of working for the next 20-30 years at a job I don't like. Don't know that this job would be as great as it sounds. Am logical enough to know there will be some negatives I'm not seeing.

I've tried not thinking about it and wondering..after all no use until/if it's offered to me but I'm just not wired that way :) I like to think all the scenarios out before something happens. When I think it through I get depressed about the thought of staying there but terrified at the thought of leaving. How's that for messed up?! lol Originally he said he would have a decision this week..hoping he sticks with that.

I know I could babble on and on about it and am sure I forgot some things I wanted to be sure to say but imagine this is already novel length plus it's well past my bed time :) so I need to end it.

So fingers crossed and prayers said that tomorrow goes well and I have the choice to make!

If you've made it this far, I'm impressed! lol you are a doll! thanks for sticking with me!

ps...got a lot of activity in this weekend with painting and then tonight attended the class at the gym :D yeah!!

pps..sorry for any typos! All of a sudden I'm exhausted so heading to bed.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _KATHY
    I know how unhappy you have been with your current job situation. I'm hoping you get the offer for this one. I can't wait to hear how it goes meeting the employees. Seems like a very closely knit working environment. It's good to get things out on paper, so to speak. However it works out, you are doing your footwork to secure a better future for yourself and your son.

    PS.. yay for going to the gym too!
    2541 days ago
    When I came to my current job, I took a $18,000 pay cut. I LOVED my last job, but my hubby was miserable, and my momma was sick. So, I left and moved and ended up here. In my 8 yrs of being here, I have not only made up the paycut, but I am now earning above it. I have a lot of love for this job too, and it satisfies me in a way that my last gig did not. My commute is also 25 miles but for me, every minute is worth it. Good luck. Do what is best for you. Only you know what that is.
    2544 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Good luck in your new job venture.
    2545 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Good luck in your new job venture.
    2545 days ago
  • 3016DEBRA
    Don't hesitate to ask questions...it's a BIG decision but I have to say, you were tugging at my heartstrings reading how just thinking about your current job makes you physically ill! emoticon
    That's sad! If it were me, I'd give it serious consideration!!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Best wishes either way ~ be happy! emoticon
    2546 days ago
    It is said that we rarely regret the things we did, we regret the things we did not do.
    It is important to enjoy what you do - you are trying to get there. List down the pros and cons when it comes to it and make an informed decision.

    Good luck!
    2547 days ago
  • BELLES74
    If its right for you, you'll know. From the sounds of it, its not about the money but that you want to feel fulfilled which you don't at your current job.

    Be at one with yourself and all things will come to you.
    2547 days ago
    Job sounds too good to be true. $2 raise doesn't fit right with 25 miles commute. I personally would pass on it. However, good luck...
    2547 days ago
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