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I thought I could do this or how to explain weight loss support to my husband

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's unbelievable how I ended up here again. I convinced myself my husband was correct, that my weight couldn't be helped because.....

1. Hypothyroid issues
2. Adrenal fatigue
3. Chronic insomnia

However I do know the truth, as much as he is trying to be kind, I know the truth. The truth is I shove too much food into my cakehole and I don't get off of my ass and exercise.

Whole truth, nothing but the truth.

The world according to Shaman29. I eat too much. I don't exercise enough. Period. Dot. End of story.

I do have to say I don't eat horrible food. I stick to organic vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, free range eggs and organic dairy (when I eat it). I cut out processed foods, refined sugar and gluten. So why am I fat? News flash, you can get fat off of healthy food the same way you get fat off of unhealthy foods. Why? I don't exercise on a regular basis.

Every time I lament on this issue, my husband (bless his pea-picking little heart) reminds me of my health issues. Worse yet, I was buying into it and blaming my weight issues on my poor health. Well guess what? Not getting off of my big butt and take a walk once a day isn't helping it either.

I have to admit to myself I am fat. I am unhealthy. I do not exercise. I am being lazy and blaming things that would get better if I would only.....say it.....say it......get off of my big butt and take a walk once a day. Maybe lift something a little heavy 10-12 times a few days a week.

Today the excuses stop. I've been in PT for the past few weeks for a knee injury. I fell and then tried running on it (C25K). Hurt it worse. I have 3 more PT appointments and then I'll be released back to training for a 5K.

For my heart, for my thyroid, for my asthma, for my sanity, for a smaller pair of jeans.......I need to exercise. First I finish PT, I have been walking a few days a week and need to up that quota. Then I begin the C25K program. Weights a few days a week. Yoga for meditation. No more pussy-footing around the facts.

So I've told my husband "Honey I love you, but you have to stop offering me excuses. Stop giving me the out of my health issues and offer to go on a walk with me. Stop coddling me and start encouraging me to get some fresh air to clear my head. You don't have to point out how large marge I've become, but you can encourage me to do what's right.

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    It's easy to buy into what you husband was telling you because you wanted to. However, you know what you need to do and emoticon !

    It's not easy...but take it one step at a time. You already eat right - now start slowly increasing that exercise!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2579 days ago
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