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My 2nd 5K!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So today was my 2nd 5K race. I got up at 6am got myself ready and then had to get up my 6yo (Who was running the race as well) and my 3yo and 2yo and get them ready. We left the house late at 7:09 we were meeting a friend new the race starts as she was watching Hannah(3) and Jonathan (2), and I was letting her 11yo run with me. but we were suppose to meet at 7:20.
As we left the house it was sprinkling but by the time we got to the race (7:30) it had stopped.
This is Haylee on the way to the race you can see the rain on the back window.

So we met up with my friend to exchange kids then my sister, my 3 nephews and one nephew's Girlfriend and got in line for the race. Race started and about 2 minutes in I realize the playlist on my phone isn't set for my workout playlist but just music and had a ton of "slower" songs going. So I took off my headphones and just talked to my 11yo sidekick. We were doing pretty good until about 1 1/2 miles and she said her knee hurt and she couldn't run. So from there on out we did a lot of walking/jogging/walking/joggin
g/walking...etc. There weren't a lot of people out cheering but I have to say those who were ALWAYS make it easier to keep going. We stopped at the two water stations throwing most the water on us at the 1st one, it was HOT and humid. My Nephew was the 1st of our group to cross the finish line and then ME I came in at 39:41 (not as good as my last race but again my side kick had knee issues and I FELT better then I had at the last one so I know I'm getting stronger).

Me and sidekick

Hubby and out daughter.

Here is our big running group-

My "Number" shot-Silly pose that is now something I do at each race.

Haylee's "Number" shot

My family~

My daughter asked at the end when we were running our next race! It was great to know how far my family has come in the last year! And that I have motivated them to make positive Healthy changes too!

And of course I can't forget our "cheerleaders"
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