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accepting me... completely

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I don't have tons of willpower. I hate working out. I am lazy, and I like TV. I love good-for-me food, but an occasional gooey treat is awesome. I quit every diet, weight loss program, or "lifestyle change" I ever start.

BUT... This is not a me-bashing blog, oh no!

I've learned to accept me. I learned a while back that with my thin, straight hair, I am better off keeping it short & spiky. I learned that since I hate house cleaning, I'm best off having a cleaning lady come in every couple of weeks to kick me in the rear to keep up after myself (I need outside impetus, because I certainly don't have internal impetus for cleaning).

Most importantly, I've learned that yes, I quit diets, eating plans, exercise plans, and "lifestyle changes." But I've incorporated this into my planning:
1) Yes, I will fail.
2) While I'm being good, I'll be VERY good.
3) If I lose 30 pounds and only gain back 10, it's still a 20 pound loss.
4) I need to give myself enough time (years) to reach my goal weight.

I am losing weight now because I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my hips. The doctor told me that losing weight would help with the pain. So here I am... again. But I'm not mad at myself. I'm learning every day, and I am still my biggest fan.

I'm finishing up my Master's degree in counseling psychology, and am taking an addiction counseling class (my last class -- woo!). I've never been a fan of the absolute abstinence stance in addiction counseling, because it can tend to make people feel like failures. So I'm adopting the "harm reduction" model for myself. I may not reach my goals any time soon, but every bit of harm I reduce in my life is a win.
Lower blood sugar numbers
Drinking water
Getting in ANY amount of exercise
Feeling less pain
Feeling more energy
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