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New Adventures with Zumba!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A few days ago I started a Zumba Fitness Challenge on my Wii!!!! I'm shooting for 71 days of Zumba, at least 30 mins, but hoping to do a full class. I LOVE ZUMBA!!! It's proven to be the best thing for me and the easiest thing for me to do fitness wise. I never get bored and burn up the calories!! I'm alternating the Zumba Fitness Core game and Zumba Fitness 2!! Both have great music....I wish I could merge the games and have routines from each during one workout!!! (a girl can dream)

Not only have I taken on this challenge, but I'm also a new co-leader on a Zumba game system team page. It's been a little different and difficult b/c the group is not as active as it once was, so I'm trying to encourage myself and yet get encouragement from some of the team members!!! I guess we'll see how that goes.

I'm hoping to lose about 30 pounds over these next 60+ days....it can definitely be done especially if I stay on top of my eating choices. I'm excited about the next few months. Not to mention, my reward will be a SUPER VIP ticket to the Zumba concert that will be near my city in September! It'll be my first Zumba concert! So EXCITED! I 'm actually planning to buy the ticket now...I don't want to wait and the super vip ticket is sold out!!

So, a lot going on...plus work, school, life!!!! Can only take one day at a time!

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