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50 pounds down, plus camping.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Round numbers are so nice!

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Ok, fun with emoticons aside! I'm 25 weeks along, and 50 pounds down - I can't believe I've averaged 2#/week over this period of time! Then again, why shouldn't I believe it? I set my Spark range up for 2#/week and followed the suggested calorie range (1200-1550) diligently, almost without fail. Out of the last 174 days, I'd be surprised if I went over 1550 more than ten times, and over 2000 only ONCE (Easter at my aunts - food so good, that if you can have only one "blowout" per year, this is the day to do it, no regrets!).

And today, on the day of my "50 pound" milestone, I will be heading out to confront a "trigger situation" that I have yet to encounter since starting my weight loss - CAMPING. Yes, it's Canada Day long weekend and after work we are headed to the hills for 3 days of solitude... campfires, fishing, hiking, laying in the hammock reading a book watching the day go by.... no computers, no cell phones, no tv...

Sounds nice, yes? And, I know it will be.

But I have a little tiny bit of nervousness. Camping - camping food - campfire s'mores - hot dogs - bags of chips and store bought cookies - Chef Boy R Dee - Bailey's Irish Cream in my morning coffee - pop - pop-tarts - pancakes and syrup and bacon, eggs and bacon, bacon and bacon and bacon.... and for a vegetable, Rice-a-Roni "broccoli and cheese" flavour....

That's how we've come to do "camping food" - just a big letting loose in the grocery store, buying up every bit of packaged crap that catches the eye - ready-to-serve from the can, it's in! Reconstitutes with water, it's in! Fun-looking packaging? In! Crunchy and salty, sweet and gooey? In in in!!!!!

But... that is how it WAS. That is NOT how it's going to be. I can't eat like that, I don't even want to eat like that, anymore. It's not a matter of "working treats in to a long-term lifestyle" - I just don't see a place for such a train wreck of a feeding-frenzy in my life anymore. I've lived for 5 months without a single Dorito. I stopped missing them months ago. I just can't see that giving myself permission to eat Doritos would be a "treat" that I would honestly enjoy.

Heck, I don't even want a hot dog. But then again, I never was a fan....

So, what to do, what to do? Trying to think up a menu and grocery list was actually really challenging! If I'm not going to eat Doritos and cheese dip and pepperoni stix and Dr. Pepper, what *am* I going to eat?

I decided to eat exactly the same things I eat every day. I spent a bit of time yesterday prepping a couple of salads (black bean and mango, roasted sweet potato and pepper) and a container of homemade baba ghaoush. Yes, in preparation for camping, I fired up my propane bbq and roasted sweet potatoes and eggplant over the grill. I filled the camper fridge with fresh lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, nugget potatoes. Picked the cherries off my tree (the ones the crows condescended to leave me, that is), the raspberries off my berry bush - in to the camper they went. Yogurt and oats, bagels and peanut butter and apples. A steak for the grill. A packet of chicken breasts. And yes, bacon will be making a cameo appearance at breakfast on Sunday. One planned bacon-egg breakfast, totally do-able and THAT will be my "treat" - Doritos be damned, I HAVE BACON!!!!!

I am SO EXCITED for this trip now... I was kind of dreading it in the last couple weeks leading up, for no other reason than for the Food Challenge I knew it would present. But now that I'm prepared, I feel great!!

Saying no to "junk" is not Denial - IF you offer yourself something better. That's been my plan all throughout this journey, and I have to say, for me at least? It is really working.
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