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Oncologist appointment and Abraxane #2 today

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Today was one of my longer days at the clinic. Besides chemo, I also saw my oncologist and had my Zometa. I told my doctor that I was still having some pain in my arm and shoulder, but he said that is normal, and that when you have radiation for pain relief, sometimes it can take up to month after the last treatment to start feeling some real relief from the pain. He said we will see how it is when I see him again in 4 weeks, and if I am still having pain, then I will probably have to have that MRI my radiation oncologist talked about.

I also mentioned the red face I had for a couple of days after the first Abraxane treatment, and the stomach pain I had that evening; he said that was from the steroids. I didn't realize that they had given me steroids with my treatment, but my nurse said she did because it was my first time with the new chemo, and it was to prevent an allergic reaction. But she said we could do it without the steroids, so I didn't have those today. Knowing now that I was given the steroids last week, that also explains why it took me so long to fall asleep again after the stomach pain woke me up.

My hemoglobin dropped since last week also; it was at 9.1 today, and like I have said before, I start feeling the fatigue when it drops into the "9s". I had a feeling it was going down; yesterday, while sitting in the restaurant when we had our lunch out, I just started feeling a wave of tiredness come over me all of a sudden.

Hopefully, recovering from this weeks chemo will be easier than last week, since I won't have the steroid side effects to deal with. And tomorrow, I can just stay home! Last week, on the day after chemo, I still had one more radiation treatment to go to.
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