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Exercise, dopamine, sex and chocolate

Thursday, July 04, 2013


So, it seems it was good to go gluten free because of the allergy & whenever I would eat gluten, my immune system would go crazy and attack my thyroid and many symptoms flared up because of it and eventually led to me finding about hashimoto's thyroiditis and getting a diagnosis.

secondly, gave up caffeine, had not realized that there was an addiction going on, though I can tell you the withdrawals were horrid. feel so much better now, more energy. Think it is a lot due to the increased blood flow, caffeine restricts blood flow, which is why you get monster headaches when giving up caffeine.

after the success of being trained up through the process of gluten free (3 years successfully +). And surviving the removal of caffeine in my life... time has come to cut back on, not remove, deminish, the amount of sugar in my life. In the process of researching sugar's effects, and caffeines affects on the body, I was amazed to find that dopamine drives so many behaviors and also what we do, and put into our bodies.
dopamine is an interesting read, and we can be addicted to or (strongly habituated to) things that increase dopamine, or driven to/by them. Sex, chocolate, nicotine, caffeine and chocolate are among them. What I find interesting about this is the point that if you are aware of this phenomina, you can use it to train yourself in a healthful way, and to understand an aspect of yourself. For example, exercise and physical activity are a great way that dopamine comes into play. Physical exercise/activity increases dopamine also. So, get addicted to/ habituated to exercise. Train your brain, train your self up to habits that will be addictive in a good way. Dopamine, to me seems to be a little sticker chart for your brain, it is the metaphorical "gold star" that rewards your brain for behaviors. find ways to increase dopamine that are healthful. For example, sugar in soda is much more damaging than sugar from eating cherries, because the sugar in cherries is combined with fiber, which negates the negative effects of the sugar by slowing the release into the blood stream, whereas downing a 20 ounce soda is nearly like just putting a sugar iv in your veins. The cherries are more like a slow drip. SO, How did i use this to train my brain, by replacing the soda with cherries, or a smoothie (sweetened with real maple syrup, and adding in chia seeds for more fiber). My brain is gradually learning to get the 'sugar fix' from another source, I just have to habituate myself to reach for the fruit, instead of the kool aid. It is working :) and, finally, am losing the pounds.
AND am gaining my hair back. So happy. :D kid you not, my hair is filling back in, I think it has something to do with sebum, a thing that is secreated when you eat a bunch of sugar. And I kid you not, I was practically raised on sugar. I'm a sugar baby. From formula, to being handed a litteral sugar water bottle when crying. I remember crying and instead of being picked up, handed a bottle of sugar water. this was the custom in my family. Have talked about this extensively with my sweetheart husband, and it has helped as when things get stressful, I will text or call him and tell him if I am have a sugar craving, feigning for sugar, and he will encourage me and sometimes remind me that when I was stressed as a child, I was handed a bottle of sugar, so not only am I fighting the body chemistry, I am fighting a conditioning that has been my whole life. As a kid I chugged sweet tea, the sweeter the better, as a teen it was soda, all day long, better if paired with a candy bar. Now, I am fighting all of that, and I can tell you that at 42, I am feeling better than I did at 14. I kid you not, true story. Even though I am still dozens of pounds off my ideal weight, I feel great, i jogged my first 5k ever, and am loving moments in my life so much. emoticon Try kicking gluten and caffeine to the curb, and try limiting the amount of sugar in your life to natural sweets like fruit. Pure sugar itself is encased in so much fiber, that if you ate the sugar cane, it wouldn't be so harmful. Always eat fiber with your sweets! :)



and, new learning also releases reward:
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    emoticon emoticon Kudos for kicking not one but two to the curb! Now you are going for the third. Can anyone say Wonder Woman? emoticon
    2640 days ago
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