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Back...and REALLY Back!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

We've been back home for a week. I cannot believe all the work that needs to be done around here! We've got wasp nests, bird nests, and spider webs everywhere and the weeds have grown with merry abandon in our absence!

I gained a number of pounds in the nine weeks we were gone. Not double digits, but close enough. emoticon

Of the nine weeks, six were spent with family and three were spent hiking. Being with family isn't an excuse -- it's just that any semblance of routine goes out of the window. If we can't walk first thing in the morning, exercise doesn't happen. Food is always a wild card --get togethers with rich food and meals in restaurants are the norm. Apparently I can only avoid temptation for so long before I simply CAVE. By the end of the trip I had folded like a cheap tent!

It's no excuse, but it wasn't a fun trip. We nursed my father through his last weeks of life and buried him. We spent two (non-consecutive) weeks near my daughter, SIL and granddaughter. My daughter and I have had a fairly contentious relationship in the past. (She has a mental illness but now is mostly functional with the help of meds.) While I've totally forgiven her for the past and she has ostensibly forgiven me, when she's tired or upset her resentment still erupts at the most unexpected times in the most hurtful way. She's my only child, and I want a relationship with her and my granddaughter, but being around her is LIKE WALKING ON EGG SHELLS. Can you say STRESS?

Well, anyway. It's ALL in the past and now I have to get back to the job at hand.

This week I tried to lose some of the gain on my own before I started Sparking again, but that just doesn't work for me. I NEED Sparkpeople, and never more so when I've gotten off track and need to get back on. The "Spark" that got me blogging yesterday was Watermellen's blog, in which she gives support to JOHAL52 who regained lost weight too. Here's the link:


So I gained some weight back, so what? Now my task is to face where I am right now, at this moment, and begin again. Yesterday I had my first really good day. I did some cooking, ate well, and got in 17,000 steps. Today I plan to repeat it.

Thank you in advance for your support and always being my "soft place to land."

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • NANCY-
    It is amazing that we can find here what we need, when we need it. Settling in and clearing the cobwebs will help reduce the stress and bring the cortisol levels down will get you beck to where you want to be.
    Welcome Back!!!

    2706 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Since you're back home, you'll be back on track with exercising & eating right, so no worries! You got this! emoticon
    2706 days ago
    You have been through a lot lately-
    life is full of ups and downs-
    you did the best you could on any given day.
    Welcome back-
    you know what to do now.

    2706 days ago
    Glad you're back and ready to lose those 9 lbs! Thats really not much of a gain for 9 weeks...you can (and will) lose them again!
    2706 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6312736
    You've been gone 9 weeks and only gained 9 pounds - that's only a pound a week! Rejoice that it's so low, and dust off the walking shoes - it's one you can deal with! emoticon

    Good to see you back. I'm here again, too -- and we'll see how the summer goes. Backyard garden is in the ground - now GROW, veggies, GROW!


    2706 days ago
    It's great to see you back! There's no choice but to get back on track. We're here with you! It's wonderful to share this journey with you.

    2707 days ago
    Welcome Back! Your blogs have been great ! Looking forward to learning more about how you get back on track - I am sure that you are going to - emoticon
    2707 days ago
    I am glad you are back! I am sure once you are back to your routine you will lose the weight again! emoticon
    2707 days ago
    Welcome home. I like the explanation that says we learn something every time we miss the mark we were aiming for. I've done the gain/lose thing repeatedly. You're right that the support here makes all the difference. You'll get it off again.... you walk rings around me!
    2707 days ago
    Hey, thanks for the shout-out to the shout-out!! We sure do hang together here!! Welcome back (really back) and feel confident that you'll tackle the blip in short order. My goodness families are stressful no matter the best of our intentions and our longing for close ties, and you did very well considering the extent of the stress you were managing. Is there any relationship more fraught than the mother/daughter one??
    2707 days ago
    Its OK - two months away from home is about as hard on any of us with weight issues. Add in the grieving and the 'eggshell' situation and NO WONDER you gained weight! I've been through one of those 'eggshell' situations (thank GOD not with my daughter, who is also an 'only') and I can only imagine how devastating it would have been with your daughter.

    YAY for you for jumping right back into your plan within a week of getting home. I'm guessing in addition to the 'stuff' that needs doing you are also battling fatigue. And getting further and further off track as the time away from home lengthened sounds SO like me!

    You are doing the right thing by coming here - staying accountable to my SP friends helps me SO much!! And just knowing there are friends out here to understand what you are going through helps too.

    So welcome home!! Marilyn
    2707 days ago
    Gaining while being out of routine is almost expected. You'll enjoy being back in your own rhythm. I'm sorry about your father.
    2707 days ago
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