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3rd Abraxane today, that means next week off!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I had my 3rd Abraxane today; that means I get next week off, and I know I am going to appreciate my weeks off chemo more than ever, especially having to do 3 weeks in row now instead of 2. The chemo is once per week, on Tuesdays.

I told my chemo nurse about the increase in pain, especially in the areas where my bone mets are, 2-3 days after each treatment. She said that is normal, and it's something called "tumor flare"; sometimes, when chemo is attacking the cancer cells it causes swelling and inflammation in the area around the tumors, and it's a sign that the chemo is working. But hopefully, as I get further into my treatment, the pain will decrease.

My hemoglobin is still low, but it actually went up a little bit. Last week it was 9.1, and this week is was 9.3. Hopefully, with next week off, it will higher when start the next 3 treatments.

So far, I still have my hair and haven't noticed any thinning, but from what I have read from various online sources, it usually starts falling out the 14th-21st days after the first treatment, and yesterday was my "day 14".

My best friend Rhonda surprised me Sunday with 2 pairs of pajama pants that she made, and she also got me two tee shirts to match. She said she originally had made them for my birthday, but she thought with all that I am going through that I could use them now, instead of waiting til September. It really made my day, especially when I having a tough day with the fatigue and pain.

Even though I have next week off, I am not free of doctor appointments. My pain clinic appointment for injections is next Tuesday, and I am glad to not have it on the same day as chemo. (Both my oncologist and pain specialist are only here in town on Tuesdays, so changing my day of the week for either one is not an option.) I see my internist on Thursday, that one is just a follow up to see how I am doing on the thyroid meds I started a few weeks ago.
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