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Allergic to Dairy, Barley, Chicken, Pork, Green Beans. In other words, I am allergic to my LIFE.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have had allergies for a very long time. As a child, I had a stubborn doctor who refused to admit I had allergies or refer me to an allergist, despite the ample evidence of my allergy symptoms. There were other doctors in his practice, however, so I finally had one who said to me "Please, go see an allergist! Here's a referral, you poor child." Turns out, I DID have allergies (duh!). A LOT of them.

Problem was, that was during the summer between college semesters, and I never could get my university to cooperate with my allergist so I could get my shots. So I gave up.

Jump forward 15 years LATER to this week. Time sure does fly. I finally got in to see the allergist again. The inhalant allergies were no surprise to me whatsoever--they were pretty much the same, and they've been there forever. Dust, cat, mold, ragweed and various abundant pollens...yeah, of course. But the food allergies have really thrown me for a loop!!

I just bought a bunch of groceries last weekend--most of which contain dairy or barley. Barley is in virtually all types of flour, so almost all bread products are off-limits. Even vegetable soups usually have green beans, barley, or both. The barley allergy does make sense though, because for a while now every time I have tried to drink even a small amount of beer it has made me feel just awful!

For the next 3 weeks, I will have to sift through ingredients lists with a fine-tooth comb and eat a very different diet from the one to which I am accustomed. It will be a challenge, but I know it will be SO good for me. It's a great excuse to up my fruit and veggie intake even more, and get creative. In terms of weight loss, I think it will be a real blessing in disguise. The last time I went off dairy I dropped serious pounds and felt GREAT. Which should have been my clue, but...cheese is tasty.

I've been looking at some gluten-free stuff, which is obnoxious, but it's an easier way to determine a barley-free product (usually). And before I even knew of these allergies I was already considering a vegan protein powder, so I have decided to go ahead and get that tomorrow. I switched to almond milk for most things a few years ago, so that won't be a big deal, though I still usually drank half n half in my coffee.

After the 3 weeks are up, I am supposed to add things back in one at a time and see how they each make me feel. In the meantime I am taking my meds and getting allergy shots. It's a pain, but I am so grateful to finally have the information I need to get well!
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    Thanks everyone! I've been doing well, and I have even been able to add things back in--moderation is the key, of course.

    And Stessoutchick2, you are so right! Sometimes I think knowing a lot about a subject can make people feel like they know EVERYTHING there is to know about it. Which can lead to a lot of arrogance, errors/mistakes, and generally wrong-headed thinking from people who are usually quite intelligent otherwise.
    2763 days ago
    Dr's may be smart, but they are stupid
    2774 days ago
    Finally getting the information you need is half the battle. Good for you for staying positive about the restrictions. I don't have an allergy to dairy, just a sensitivity, and I know what you mean about the cheese! I have recently discovered real cheese (not the processed pseudo cheese slices we have in the US) and it is good! And very hard to avoid here, it is pretty much required and expected at meals. Have you tried goat cheese, to see if you have the same reactions as you do to cow milk products?
    2893 days ago
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    You're the first person I ever heard of who was allergic to green beans! I'm sorry you're having to go through everything you eat, but it sounds like you are looking on the good side of it :) I'm glad you have the information you need now!
    2893 days ago
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