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Eat drinks and be merry For tomorrow the fat dies!!!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Well it is the last day till I Officially get back to losing weight. and I am a bit nervous. But I have prepared. Thanks to the surgery and the following complications I have had to call a cease fire in this little war of mine. But tomorrow......... *insert evil laugh here* . I am going to start logging all my food. All my work outs. Go to all my teams. Blog daily(ish). And do all my exercises.
I am also going to be combining my cardio and strength training. I can only do a block worth of walking so until I can do a half mile I really need to do both But don't worry. My strength training is minimal to so I won't be over working myself ether.
I am still stuck on a Uber protein diet and I absolutely hate it. when my energy runs out I can't just grab a handful of plain bread crumbs or a small starchy something to get my carbs going Nope gotta save room for yet another chicken breast or swallow down more ground sirloin. Or the ever popular can of light tuna. I swear If I never see another piece of meat again it will be to soon!!! I really wish
I could get my hands on this Atkins dude and ask what the heck was he thinking?! I miss green beans. I miss tossed salad. I miss squash. My god I miss squash! You know you miss a veggie when you start dreaming of it! but know gotta have the extra protein to close that stupid wound!AAAAAARRRRRRRRG! 95% protein diet sucks!!!!!
Any way I Have been acclimating myself to getting up at 6 Am. so I will bee rare'n to go tomorrow. I.E be grumpy as hell and not in the mood to communicate. Which means I will be really mad at my fat. As in get the hell out of here mad . I don't like mondays and I don't like mornings. But I will refuse to roll over I will NOT end up looking like my mother!
On another topic I promised you a while ago the list of foods not allowed in my home this list is only what I will not allow in m home they are not banned they are not "forbidden fruit" They are the foods that got me in this mess. Small doses are okay just not now instead of getting a big bag of chips one of those single serves will do. I won't by a tub of ice cream I will go to the ice cream parlor and enjoy the atmosphere along with the ice cream. see small doses besides I can't seem to find pistachio anywhere but the parlors. Anyway.....

And her as promised is the things not allowed in my house list.

1. Chips, Microwave popcorn, and other salty snacks
2. Soda, koolaid, sports drinks, and other sugary snacks
3. Ice cream and Ice cream novelty's
4. Hamburger, tuna, or chicken helper or any other boxed dinner meals
5. Cheese "sauce"
6. frozen pizza and pizza like stuff (party rolls pockets ect.)
7. creamy salad dressings
8. miracle whip, mayo, tarter sauce and other fatty condiments
9. canned fruit in syrup
10. white bread or white pastas
11. Waffle pancake or any sugary non complex carb breakfast mix
12. Brownies, cake, and cookies, and candies
13. hot chocolate mix
14. brownie, cake, cookies and other dessert mixes
15. mash potato mix
16. Microwave crap dinners
17. Hot Pockets, party food and other such food stuffs
18.Sugary cereal, pop tarts, toaster strudel, Eggo's and other ready made breakfast items,
19. Restaurant leftovers
20. Sausage Chirzo, ready made meat loaf and other packaged meat"ish" items
21. hot dogs corn dogs smoked sausage links and other "dog" Items
22. regular high fat cheeses
23. Sweet rolls. nutter butters and assorted hostess and little Debbie's goods
24. mixes and powders that require butter and or oil
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    Wow - that's some list
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