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Lesson Learned: Bad Idea Trying to Sit on Floor With Bad Hips

Friday, July 19, 2013

I learned a lesson today; my days of being able to sit down on the floor are over.

My cats have a cat tree in the living room; the bottom is square with a "cubby hole" in it. I happened to notice Timmy curled up in there sleeping earlier today; he looked so cute with his face and front paws barely poking out! So, I went and got my camera. I thought I would be able to get a better picture if I got down on his level, so I got down on the floor.

Big mistake! And I should have remembered from other times when it was hard to get back up. But today was the worst. My hip seized up on me, and not my "bad" one either, but the right one. It does that from time to time if I move the wrong way. I'm not sure why it does that, and my doctors haven't been able to explain it either. It's just one of the weird things my body does since I've been on chemo for so long.

Anyway, back to my story. I tried to get up and couldn't, it just made my hip seize up more. I finally had to crawl over to my recliner, and after some awkward twisting and turning, finally got myself into the chair. Thank God I was able to get up without help, otherwise, it would have been a long crawl to the bedroom where my phone was, lol!

I am ok now. Just have to baby that hip for about a day or two because when it's happened in the past, it seems to trigger additional spasms for about 24 hours. I just have to be careful when sitting and standing up, I have to do it slowly, and be careful to move that leg only forward and not off to the side.
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    I agree with the response below about looking into a life alert type of system for yourself. It would be scary not to be able to get to the phone. Take care and feel better today.
    2503 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    emoticon hope it feels better soon!!!
    2504 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8574152
    As someone else who has sharp hip pain and can't sit on the floor, I really do feel for you. It's such a feeling of loss to have this happen... but the life alert system mentioned above might be a good safeguard/precaution to have... emoticon
    2504 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Oh, that sounds awful! Hope it stops hurting soon. I know with the arthritis in mine if I move wrong it really hurts and feels like I've dislocated it but no real spasms. Take good care of it!
    2504 days ago
    Shari - sorry you're dealing with this! It doesn't sound fun at all. Have you looked into the life alert type services? I know you're too young, but maybe it would help you have some peace of mind. Either that, or maybe get a cordless phone that you can keep with you around the house. I'd hate to think that you could ever have a fall or a problem and can't get help. (One of my fears.)

    Though I do have to ask, did you ask Timmy and Kallie to help you get up? hehe I do that with Tane often. When I ask him to vacuum for me he gives me a dirty look. hehe
    2504 days ago
    Oh My!! Take care and baby Your hip and leg!! Love You!! ((HUGS))
    2504 days ago
    Ahhh --- the "joys" of inexplicable neuropathy. Don't you just adore the randomness of it? (Yes - EXTREMELY heavy on the sarcasm there).

    emoticon emoticon

    I actually have a really sturdy 2-step step-stool (it's about 2' wide, and folds flat) that I keep in an easy-to-crawl-to closet, since I know that I can creep my way up it enough to be able to sit on its top step. It's got a really stable frame, too, so it's not bad to stand up from. When I was fainting more often (and occasionally getting "stuck" like that), it actually became part of the living-room furniture, so that it was easy to get to.

    I also got in to the habit of always having a phone tucked in to my pocket --- I was resentful of the "loss of independence" that it represented at first, but the practicality of it actually increased my independence since I wasn't as frightened of the implications of doing things when I had it.

    I've found that heat is the best way to ease up the seizing, so you might want to try a heating pad on it for a while.

    Gentle, comforting hugs....

    (But - did you get the photo? Hate to think you went through all that and didn't...)
    2504 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2504 days ago
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