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I Eyed the Pie

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My husband always grocery shops with me "in self defense", he says. It's because I don't buy junk food!

He bought a cherry pie today (and ice cream and Pringles, but that's another story). We got home later than planned and I was Hungry!

I eyed the pie.

And eyed it.

Then I ate my lunch of veggies, yogurt, and fruit and left the kitchen. TC will cut the pie into pieces and freeze them for his later enjoyment. By the time I am done blogging it will be out of site. My next move is to get on the treadmill. Now that I've blogged about eyeing the pie, I know I won't eat it.

Besides, it's only 5 hours until my next meal, and I am already looking forward to it: Laura's 92% lean hamburger with lettuce and locally-grown tomato, fresh corn on the cob picked yesterday by my 92-year-old neighbor, and fresh halved, roasted brussel sprouts.

Spark on!!!

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