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Revival: Stirring the Hearts...

Friday, July 26, 2013

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. Psalm 72:8

Welcome back to our ongoing study...

Today we will embark on a journey looking at how Revival touched lives in the cities of Toronto & Hamilton Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Louisville and in New York City and beyond.

Like all Revivals they begin when the Spirit of God stirs the hearts of the people. In these times of prayer the spirit of God speaks to the individual heart and as people respond to the moving of the Spirit, we see God move in great and mighty ways. It is times like these that lives are transformed and communities are forever impacted as the Word of God is preached and lives are drawn towards the Lord.

Today we will look at the life of A.B. Simpson. His life began in Prince Edward Island on December 15, 1843. His parents were devout Presbyterians and of Scottish descent. In 1858 he was converted and surrendered his life to Jesus. Later he felt the call of God to enter the ministry and he enrolled in Knox College in Toronto, Ontario.

A.B. Simpson graduated from Knox in 1865 and was ordained and became Pastor to the congregation of Knox Church in Hamilton, Ontario. He served as Pastor until 1873. It was there that he grew in his walk with the Lord. He was used of God and touched many lives in Hamilton. It was there that he was given a burden for lost souls. He had a deep compassion for the lost. He surrendered himself completely to the Lord. He died daily to self with committing himself to the work of God. He had a deep desire to evangelize, he was consumed with it. He wrote a hymn called A Missionary’s Cry:

A hundred thousand souls a day,
Are passing one by one away, in
Christ less guilt and gloom.
Without one ray of hope or light,
With future dark as endless night,
They’re passing to their doom,
They’re passing to their doom.

After Hamilton he ministered in Louisville and in New York City. God gave Simpson a vision for a city wide revival in Louisville. As he waited on God in prayer revival broke out in the city.

Simpson was used of God and hundreds of people were converted, many were received in to the churches. Lives were delivered, healed and gloriously saved by the Power of God. Simpson lived a consecrated life devoted to reaching souls for Christ. He remained devoted to serving Jesus and was known as a man of Vision and of Faith.


A.B. Simpson was a man full of Vision and of Faith. As he yielded his life and surrendered to the Lord he was given a heart that was full of compassion to win souls for Christ.

He spent many hours in prayer, quieting his spirit before God. He sought to please God and he sought to listen to the Still Small Voice of God. He sought to “Be Still and Know God”.

He wrote a poem entitled: All for Jesus

How can my heart the world refuse,
Content my earthly all to lose,
That I the better part may choose?

I do it all for Jesus.
How can I meekly suffer wrong,
With patience sweet, and courage strong,
Repeating still my happy song?
I do it all for Jesus

How can I seek and save the lost,
The souls forlorn and tempest-tossed,
Regarding not the hardest cost?
I do it all for Jesus.

We can follow after Simpson’s footsteps and be men and women of Faith and have a Vision for the Lost. As we wait on God, seek the Lord in Prayer and seek to surrender all to Jesus we too can hear the Still Small Voice of God and be Men and Women after God’s Own Heart.

God is looking for Men and Women who will seek to serve and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We too can make a difference in our own communities, in our work places, and in our neighborhoods, touching lives and impacting souls for the Kingdom of God. Our Nation is ripe and ready for harvest. Let us make a difference in the community in which we live.

Let us pray that our Nation will be restored and be drawn back to its First Love. God desires to see His Land proudly living for Him. We can learn from Simpson and be men and women who inspire others to live a live that is committed to serving Jesus and one that is committed to serving others.

As we seek to hear from God and fulfill our calling there is no telling what God may do with a life that is totally surrendered. A life that is fully surrendered to Jesus can be a life that will do great exploits for God. Indeed Revival begins in the hearts of the people.

As our hearts are changed, it then spreads out to others, and beyond, impacting lives to the Glory of God.
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