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How did I Do This Week?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

How did I do with my goals? Generally well, but NOT completely well!

Goal: attend the fitness center each weekday morning and do my best to do 7 classes. (Back-to-back classes on Monday and Friday.)

emoticon I did attend 5 days. On Monday I did back-to-back classes but on Friday I did not. I skipped the Zumba class because my knee has been giving me some twinges, and that side-to-side motion is not good for it. I walked on the treadmill for an hour instead, so consider this a "win."

Goal: do two more days of the "5K 101" program.

emoticon Yes, I finished Week 2 of the program. Tomorrow I will do Week 3, Day 1.

Goal: I will record EVERYTHING. (MAJOR fail here on days I overeat or PERCEIVE I overeat. And not recording seems to promote MORE overeating.)

emoticon I did OK until Friday! I got home WAAY past lunch time and WAS STARVED. That really sent me off the rails and into a binge. Did NOT record everything I ate, and don't want to. emoticon

GoalI will not drink any alcohol.

emoticon No alcohol this week. Actually, today is Day 14.

Goal: I will cogitate about my goals and what I need to do to achieve them. I will remember that eating is NOT an emergency, that my next planned meal is only a few short hours away and waiting will allow me to savor and enjoy it that much more!

emoticon emoticon Actually, I DID think about this many times during the week, and it did help prevent a lot of mindless noshing. However I cannot ignore last night's binge, so this was not exactly a success, but not a total fail, either.

Goal: get in 15,000 steps a day.

emoticon From Monday-Saturday (today) I've walked 113,361 steps, or an average of nearly 19,000 steps a day! Wow. Don't plan to keep up that pace forever though!!

So I've done pretty well, and hoping to show a good weight loss on Monday despite the rampage through the kitchen last night.

I've joined the 5% challenge, and always find them motivating -- I tend to work harder for a team than I will for myself.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's your giggle for today:

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