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Can it be? Any input much appreciated :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My hubby told me something that sounded very unrealistic but I have decided to keep an open mind. He was chatting with a friend the other day about weight issues. His friend has been overweight for a few years and although he's quite active both at work and in his free time, he hasn't been able to lose much weight. Apparently, he visited a doctor a few weeks back and he ran some tests (unfortunately I don't have nay information about what they were exactly) which showed that his metabolism can only burn a maximum of 600 calories per day regardless of the activities he does.

Is this possible? In all the years I have been reading about nutrition and weight loss, I have never heard of anything like that. Can there be a maximum number of calories that you can burn and then your body just shuts down? 600 seems like such a low number apart from anything else.

It seems fake but I am positive that hubby's friend wasn't making this up and he did clearly say that he had visited a doctor. Could he have misunderstood? Could the doctor have been telling him about his BMR and he just didn't know what it was?

What do you think?
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    The human body never, ever ceases to surprise me...

    2663 days ago
    I watched a documentary on a overweight man that is extremely athletic, runs marathons and participates in iron man triathlons, eats a healthy diet. He does everything he's supposed to do, everything that would give a normal guy a pretty rockin and ripped body, but the guy is chunky. He has some sort of medical issue that causes this.
    It's possible. it really is. The science behind weight gain and loss isn't as simple as so many like to think: calories in vs calories out. Our bodies are much more complex than that. and some medical conditions make it even more complicated.
    2679 days ago
    This is news to me too Eleni. I am doing a Nutrition
    course on Coursera and haven't really come up on
    anything like that. I am going to see a naturopath
    who specialises in Metabolic Syndrome if there is
    really such a thing. I will let you know and I will find
    out about the other thing you mentioned. emoticon
    2679 days ago
    Maybe he has thyroid disease. It certainly sounds depressing.
    2679 days ago
    Hmmm...could it be the result of another medical issue? I just realized that I know things like a sluggish thyroid can make it difficult to impossible to lose weight, but I guess I don't really understand why. So could it be that the thyroid hormone being out of whack actually slows your metabolism (that wonderful of system of hormones) down to a rate that significantly affects your calorie burn? There must be tons of people here with thyroid issues who might know this answer. Google might too, but I don't have time to look it up at the moment. emoticon
    2680 days ago
    I would think he must be eating more than 600 calories each day and if he only burns 600 he would be gaining weight uncontrollably!!!! I think he must have misunderstood or visited an unreliable doctor.
    2680 days ago
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    That sounds extremely low, especially for a man. My BMR is 1700 which is low-ish. The mathematical formulas put me between 2200 and 2400! LOL That's why to lose I've got to drop the intake to 1200-1300. Ugh.

    Anyway, I think the doctor may be a quack. Did he try to sell your DH's friend any supplements? That would be a huge red flag, in my opinion.

    Keep Sparking! It's the best way to go!
    emoticon emoticon
    2680 days ago
    This is a new one on me. Seems very unrealistic. The basic body functions have to burn more than that I am sure.
    2680 days ago
    Sounds very strange to me - when I looked up basal metabolism rates on Wiki, it showed a variance of 1100 to 4000 calories per day. That's what it takes just for basic body functions (heart, lungs, digestion, etc). Your friend must have misundestood something, or else the doc is a real quack!
    2680 days ago
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