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100 days of weight loss, Day 24

Monday, July 29, 2013

It has been longer than I thought since I did my last "day"! It seems each day blurs into the next and pretty soon "oh my gosh, it's been a few days" turns into 9 days. It seriously feels like only about 4. Part of it was lingering fatigue and headache from being sick - today is the first day I haven't woken up with a headache. Oh well. I'm not going to try to catch up this time but will just pick up and continue where I left off. I'm also going out of town for 10 days on August 1st so I will probably not be posting consecutive days during that time.

Day 24 is about feeling satisfied by my food, which really seems to be a combination of Day 21, eating with awareness, and Day 23, Savoring. For this day, they say to pay attention to how I feel while I'm eating. A quote from the book that resonates with me: "When you give yourself permission to enjoy food instead of feeling guilty about eating it, you’ll get the satisfaction you crave and you won’t have to hunt for something more to eat."

How many times have I really really wanted x food (for example, chocolate) but decided that it is not healthy or it is not on my eating plan or it's a "no-no", and then try to satisfy my craving with other healthier foods, only to still not feel satisfied and still want the chocolate? Many. Very very many. I guess this can even extend to eating healthy foods - I have felt guilty about eating a larger portion size of a healthy food than I "should" have.

This really is all about slowing down to enjoy and appreciate the food I'm eating, whether it's a salad or a piece of chocolate cake. Many times I have given into the craving only to scarf down whatever it was I was craving without even really tasting it. It wasn't satisfying. That's one of the ways I ended up eating the entire package, or more than I "should" have. If I had slowed down and savored it, the flavor and texture would have satisfied the craving and I imagine I would have been much more likely to stop after a small portion.

The activity for the day says to first recall a food or type of meal this is highly satisfying to me. This could really be any number of foods or meals, but the things they have in common are that they are often on the high side for both fat and carbs. They are things that have rich and complex flavors. If I slow down and really appreciate these foods, I would feel quite satisfied with smaller amounts.

Next it says to write about how it feels to be satisfied by food. For me, this means eating something with great flavors and textures. For example, I'm more satisfied by a piece of good cheese than say a Kraft single or plain mild cheddar, or a piece of good chocolate rather than plain old Hershey. Apparently, my eureka moment here is that I should buy more expensive groceries, but maybe just smaller amounts of them. Will have to contemplate that one.

Lastly, I was to eat at least one thing today that will completely satisfy me. I was stressed at work and craving something sweet and carb-y like a granola bar, crackers, cookies, etc. I did not have any healthy versions of those things with me so I decided that I would be satisfied by my pre-planned snack of cherries and Greek yogurt. I ate it and savored every bite. It was satisfying!
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  • no profile photo CD14102688
    I have a "chocolate battle" too, but I have found that permitting a moderate piece after my supper meal is VERY helpful. I don't feel deprived, and I don't overeat other foods that I really don't want trying to make up for it. I read somewhere, we don't continue for long when we don't like what we eat. So while I am doing lots of new recipes to assist me in actually eating what I am growing in my garden, I don't think I would make it depriving myself of chocolate!
    2605 days ago
    Enjoy your vacation. Sounds like you are going on a high note. I am glad you are feeling better now.
    2609 days ago
    emoticon plan! emoticon blog! You seem to have a very healthy attitude about life and the SP journey! emoticon B-
    2610 days ago
    I think this one gave great insight to BOTH of us! My BRAIN knows I can be satisfied with only a small amount of my favorite 'goodies' but its taking some time for it to really sink in with my DESIRE!! But we'll just keep working on it until we get it!! emoticon
    2610 days ago
    2611 days ago
  • LAURAB_143
    I am glad you are feeling better!! I hope you stay well. I think it's smart to just pick up where you left off. Good for you!!! emoticon
    I really like what you wrote about today. And I can relate to trying to find a healthy food when you are craving something. I almost always eat more calories than if I had just eaten the food I really wanted. I struggle with what to do. I eventually would like to want to choose healthy food for my body, for fuel. So I do try to substitute a healthier option that might satisfy the craving.
    I'm glad you are back to posting about your 100 days!!
    2611 days ago
    Awesome! You really have had a great eureka moment!!!
    2611 days ago
    Great job! If you eat what you really don't want, you'll keep on eating. So I agree with you: buy exactly what you want and eat it in trackable amounts. It's taken me a long time to realize that it's OK not to feel compelled to eat it all at once: it will still be there tomorrow!
    2611 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    WOOHOO! Loved this one. I love how you detail why things aren't satisfying and what you can do to change that. I've also started going to the higher quality foods and savoring them rather than finding a substitute most of the time. I can eat much less of it if I eat it before I HAVE to have it and then binge, just shoveling the food in.

    Have fun on your trip.
    2611 days ago
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