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Am i being sabotaged (opinions please)

Monday, August 05, 2013

I need everybody opinion on something. I had a week where their was little to know good choices in food. Mainly because I was with my sister. I love her and All but I think the might be trying to sabotage my weight loss. Other than myself no one knows how bad my impulse control is i have waxed long on the issue here but for some reason. when the food opportunity comes along it pizza. fried, B.B.Q., cookies, and anything that is unhealthy.
On the first She took us to a place that served fried okra. Not only is it one of my favorite foods but it is one I rarely get to have living in the south west. So MMe and my "wonderful" control had my plate loaded with the greasy treats and half plowed through before I realized what I did. when I just recovered from that greasy mess It was a B.B.Q. i was told I was going not asked. their was nothing healthy for my diet i halve to eat mainly protein and it was all covered in B.B.Q. sauce. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH FAT AND CALORIES IN IN THAT CRAP?! so I scraped as much off as I could ate the required amount. and had some tasty veggie Kebabs. Unfortunately though later I found out had a but load of "glaze"
This isn't the only time ether. I lost about 25 pounds last summer. and all the sudden My fridge had Italian sausage, and breaded meat and all sorts of bad in it. Not to mention constantly "treating me to they pizza factory and denny. *Side note* there is no way to make a healthy pizza buffet pizza. I honestly don't know If this is her trying to make sure I have food and all else that I need or her sabotaging.
She is a truly caring person and she does worry about my when I got home from the hospital she was a true Angel of mercy type nurse maid. She has borderline O.C.D and she set it aside so things would be easier for me. It got so bad for her i started to think she might need Valium. At times she will walk in go through all my cubbards and drawers find out what
I don't have walk out and return a little latter with coffe, dish soap cat treats pears, onions and a pretty little somthing . So I know she isn't being cruel but seriously buying oatmeal cookies and telling me to pass them out?!

Like I said I need another opinion. Cause on the 31st. I weighed 239 now I'm back up to 245. even with exercising. Is this sabotage intentional unintentional or is it just in my head
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  • JUSTME29
    My hubby and I have a tough time with this. We like to eat out - whether it's to celebrate an event, or to console because one of us had a rough day, or just because it's Tuesday. It's been very hard (still is) to overcome that instinct to head out the door because it's too hot to cook or whatever. Maybe she's the same. She is taking you places thinking that she's treating you, but not even realizing that it's undermining your attempts to lose weight. I think a frank and open conversation is in order. If she wants to go out to eat, make some recommendations that have the type of foods she likes but also offer healthy choices for you. Eating before you go to a BBQ/party/food-centric event will help you take only minimal portions to be polite. I struggle to do this because I always figure if there's going to be good food there, why am I eating celery beforehand. I have to really work at it to make this happen.

    As far as her showing up at your house, going through cupboards and then buying you stuff... It would make me crazy, but if you're ok with it, then let it go. If she buys junky stuff donate it to a local food bank after she leaves.

    2867 days ago
    Sorry about the weight gain. I think like Lopey make a list for her. I bough some coca cola yesterday bc it was on sale so I'm sabotaging myself and my husband !! But like everything it's moderation if its in the house.
    2868 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13786757
    I agree with LOPEYP. You can tell people what you need in a nice way and you can refuse things the same way! I know that it is hard, but sometimes you just have to stick up for yourself! emoticon emoticon
    2868 days ago
    Not sure what your sister's intent is. Is she overweight? Maybe she is jealous. I would give her a list of things that you eat and tell her that you appreciate her getting your food but next time these are the kind of things that you eat. If she's really trying to help, she'll get what's on your list.
    2868 days ago
    I think that in life you're going to be invited to social gathers, restaurants, and family events. Part of this lifestyle change (read: NOT DIET) is to learn how to cope in this situations and not let it throw you off. Is it hard? Yes! If it were easy, nobody would gain weight over the holiday season and everybody would be thin and confident. Don't put it on your sister. Own your behavior and start developing strategies for next time. Bring a dish to the BBQ, eat something light before you go so you aren't starving, DON'T order the trigger fried food, etc. Tell your sister how she can help support you but don't put blame on her for your self-control. Only YOU can take steps to change.
    2868 days ago
    It could be sabotage, or it could just be your sister's way of showing love for you. The hard part about this is that the only way you will ever resolve this is if you talk with her about it. Not in an accusing "You are trying to sabotage me" kind of way. More like "You are my best friend and I need your help and support with my weight loss efforts." And then explain that you are trying very hard not to eat unhealthy foods and give her ideas of what you do want to eat. And THEN if she still does it, it's time to have a more stern conversation and ask her why she continues to expose you to foods you are trying to avoid. emoticon
    2868 days ago
    In my opinion, the only person who can sabotage you is you. You make the choice to put the food in your mouth, chew it and swallow it. No one is forcing you to do that.

    But at the same time, I have found it best to stay away from foods I tend to overeat. For example, I don't keep cookies or chips around the house. Also if I'm going to an event where I know there will be a lot of temptation, I bring a healthy dish to share with everyone.

    I don't think she's trying to sabotage you but maybe you should talk to her about your healthy goals and how she can help you achieve them.
    2868 days ago
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