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Doctors are frustrating, to say the least

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm back from vacation and I'll be resuming the 100 days of weight loss soon but today I need to vent. I had a doctor's appointment today. After the slew of tests that ran the gamut, the diagnosis is that I'm fat and lazy. There's nothing wrong with me, except I need to get off my ass and stop eating, fat fatty. She's referring me to a sleep specialist to see about possible narcolepsy (???). She was CERTAIN I had sleep apnea but that test showed nothing. Basically, I'm extremely fatigued all the time, both sleepy and no energy. At times I have a very very hard time staying awake, thus the narcolepsy I guess. I have many symptoms of low thyroid, but that test came out normal according to her; however, I have a huge problem with this. I have done my research. All she tested was TSH and actually I tested outside of the normal range as suggested by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists but their recommendations are still controversial at best among most doctors. I've had more several health-knowledgeable people recommend that I ask her to put me on a low dose of thyroid meds "just to see" but she refused. She said there is literature out there that says that taking thyroid meds when you don't have a thyroid issue is harmful BUT she also refuses to do the better thyroid tests such as Free T3 and T4 that might actually diagnose the problem. This doctor came highly recommended by many and is highly esteemed by my husband as she diagnosed and began his care for pancreatitis. So I guess my next course of action is searching out yet another doctor. Even the idea of this just exhausts me even more. My other option is to just accept that there's nothing wrong with me other than being fat and lazy. She actually used the word "deconditioned" several times while talking to me - apparently I'm so out of shape that even basic daily activities are completely exhausting. She was too busy and hurried to listen to me try to tell her how hard I've been trying to lose weight. Nevermind the exercise I'm doing, I guess an average of 30-45 minutes a day just isn't long enough or maybe I'm not working hard enough. Maybe I'm not doing it right. Maybe I'm eating donuts in my sleep without realizing. Maybe I'm lying and I just came from the Golden Corral. To me, "dieting" must mean not supersizing my double quarter pounder value meal. These are the things I'm imagining she is thinking about me. It must be all my fault, because I'm fat and disgusting. If I would just put down the cake and go take a walk or something, I'd be in perfect health.

If by chance anyone knows of any good doctors in the Kansas City area, please let me know.
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    I know this response is really late but your symptoms do point straight to hypothyroidism. For me, the thyroid issues didn't show up on the 1st blood test or the 2nd or the third. They showed up on the 4th one. I was always exhausted, had no energy, weight gain, etc.

    Don't give up! Your body knows something is wrong and that is what it's telling you.
    You know, I would say the doctor is lazy for not listening and only focusing on the numbers. :)
    2486 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your experience...you are a beautiful person, a wonderful person, and love yourself exactly as God made you (Deepak Chopra) a wonderfully, beautifully made piece of God's perfection. emoticon
    2514 days ago
    I don't think I like your Doctor's atttiude toward getting you to feel better and putting your mind at ease. You can have sub-clinical low thyroid and feel like you cannot move. I felt that way for years until my thyroid finally pegged out and I got help. I do feel better and my depression is receding and the brain fog is lifting.
    2587 days ago
    What a devastating story. It's been well documented that doctors--including female doctors---are less compassionate and sympathetic to women and much less so to woman of weight. Perhaps she likes your husband more because she likes men more.

    I have worked hard over the years to become my own diagnostician. It's amazing how often I am correct. And it's heartbreaking how much I have suffered. I diagnosed my own appendicitis and went to my family doctor who confirmed it and called the hospital and told them he was sending me over. The pissy residents started to say that "she looks more like a gall bladder than an appendix" (note the words they chose). I was 54 years old and weighed about 245-250 pounds. I spoke to them nicely and suggested that my family doctor had made the diagnosis and they smirked at each other--as if any family doctor would take me seriously must be an inferior being.

    The up-shot? They ignored me and left me to rot in the ER and said that in the morning they would figure things out. (I had been there since before 12 noon). Most of them voted to send me home but a couple of them said that they should do tests. They told me that a test to confirm an appendectomy would be "costly". I waved my insurance card at them.
    Finally in the middle of the night my appendix burst and I had surgery.

    The next day a new young doctor stopped by my bed and scolded me roundly for my irresponsibillty in allowing my appendix to rupture. I mentioned that I had been at the hospital for about 18 hours BEFORE it ruptured and he brushed me away.

    A nice nurse mentioned that if they had diagnosed me properly I would have had a simple laparascopic procedure and been home in one day. Instead my belly was ripped open and I was stuck there for a week.

    So--being a prisoner of the health system sucks. It's hard to find new doctors. It's hard to be taken seriously. The default assumption seems to be that if you are overweight you are some sort of bag lady...

    I am so sorry you are going through all of this. emoticon emoticon
    2595 days ago
  • POPSY190
    You do need to find another doctor as you have ended up with extra distress as the result of the consultation with this one.
    I had experience of being very low in stored iron but it didn't show up in the basic tests that just look at blood levels. So any extra testing that can be done should be done, if only for your peace of mind. Take care of yourself.
    2595 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12710766
    I may be biased, but find a good NP!! They are way more holistic in their care and will look at the bigger picture (especially good when you're exploring a number of options for your symptoms). I definitely think you need a Free T4 done. I would absolutely get a second opinion. So sorry to hear you had a bad experience to start!
    2596 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    **HUGS** So sorry your doc has the "bedside" manner of a toad. Really?! In this day and age. I hope you find a good doctor who will truly listen to you and work with you. I know you've been working hard. And the chronic fatigue you're feeling isn't normal. I live with it more days than not, but I know where mine is coming from. I was lucky and got some good docs (referred to a specialist for this and got one of the best).

    Perhaps you could get your doc (new or old) to send you to a nutritionist. One of those might be able to help.

    Good luck. Unfortunately I don't live in that area and so can't help there.
    2596 days ago
    My TSH is 4.8 but as you know, most doctors still say 0.5-5.5 is "normal" even though the AACE say 0.3-3. The only thing that doesn't fit is my HR is high - like 80s+ most of the time, but as they always say not everyone has the same symptoms.
    2596 days ago
    OH I get so hostile when it comes to thyroid disease! I have had Hashimotos diagnosed since 1998. BUTI KNOW I ha to have suffered with the symptoms for many years prior to that. The endocrinologist I initially saw did the T3-T4, reverse T3-T4 and diagnosed Hash (I had a + antibody titer -- and BTW, Hashimotos is autoimmune low thyroid -- your body actually attacks your thyroid gland). HOWEVER, my TSH was 4.9, so did not prescribe meds. WTH! I found another Dr. immediately, who started me on Thyroid med (Synthroid @ that time) and within 2 weeks I was minus the brain fog, could get up off the couch, had a tad more energy and my hair started shedding less, and my heart rate went from the 40's to the 60's. Good golly, MIss Molly. If I'd waited till my level got to 5 I wouldn't be writing this or anything else for that matter!). Had I gone alone with that first schmo, who knows. MESSAGE: GET A 2ND OPINION! I don't know what your TSH level is but the parameters as you probably know are 0.3 - 3.0. And women typically feel good at about 1.5 - 2.0. Well, gosh . . . wonder why I felt like pond scum when mine was 4.9, huh! Persist.

    Wishing you good health. You are NOT lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on that Dr. Absolute shame.
    2596 days ago
    You doctor is awful, find a new one! emoticon Good doctors LISTEN to their patients!
    2596 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14102688
    I am so sorry you had such a negative experience with your doctor, and feel bad that you had to go through the mental battles that come from such an experience. I will say a special prayer for you today, and I hope you realize you are worthwhile as a human being, beautiful and valued as a person, and a woman of dignity.
    2596 days ago
    Oh Melissa I'm so sorry to hear this! You DEFINITELY need a different doctor. While I kind of understand her reluctance about thyroid meds I DO NOT understand why she wasn't willing to do more testing! The thyroid is VERY complicated and I've read several things that lead me to believe the 'ranges' can be skewed. I've looked into this area myself because I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for a number of years. So I definitely have sympathy with how you are feeling. I'm not sure anyone who has not suffered from debilitating fatigue can understand just how frustrating it is.

    I also know how tiring it is to go to doctors over and over again when all you feel like doing is taking a nap. But don't give up on it! I finally found one who did everything she could to help me.

    One other suggestion - and I'll qualify this by saying I saw NO reference to it when I was researching help for chronic fatigue. When I went on a low carb diet (for weight loss) during this same time it HELPED my fatigue (gave me more energy). I was towards the end of my bout with it so I can't say for sure that was what did it but I'd say its worth a try. If you are feeling like I felt during that time ANYTHING is worth a try! Hugs!!
    2596 days ago
    Doctors don't know everything, so go and find one that will listen to what you have to say! In the meantime, feel free to vent here as that is what SP is for among other things.
    2597 days ago
  • _BABE_
    Keep the faith. I hope you feel better and just keep eating well and getting enough sleep and find a new doctor. emoticon
    2597 days ago
    Doctors can be a pain. But if you find the right one for you, you'll feel differently about them. Maybe this one is not the one for you.
    2597 days ago
    hope you find a doctor who isn't so busy. getting one that listens is all it takes sometimes.
    2597 days ago
    I know of none but I had to leave my dr that cared for my diabetes in the past. he refused to treat me and listen. My current dr not only listens to me but works with me and i am off one of my diabetic meds and the weight is melting off. Best wishes on your quest.
    2597 days ago
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