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Why didn't anyone tell me...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

...That dressing up for work was so much fun? I would have tried it sooner!

While we were on our vacation, I received a mysterious email from the Administrative Director of the massage school where I teach and supervise in the student clinic. He said they were creating a new full-time position that he thought I would "both excel at and enjoy." He did NOT say what it was, however, so I had to wait for a meeting the week we got back, to find out that the job was Student Liaison, and that I would, in fact, love it and be good at it.

So, I took it, gave the chiropractor my two weeks' notice, and have been logging as many free hours as possible in the meantime.

Oh, and shopping like someone who won the lottery and can't travel or drive, but has a month left to live, because I haven't not worn yoga pants or scrubs to work in 7 or 8 years.

What I wore on Day 2:

Black trousers; orange, black, and blue sleeveless blouse; cream 3/4-sleeve blazer; caramel mock-croc pointy-toe kitten heels; orange nails; tanzanite studs and pendant.

What do you think?
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