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What A Weekend

Monday, August 26, 2013

I dont know about you all- but my husband and I financial responsibilty is soo different!

When we first lived together we had seperate accts, but whenever we would do anything out he would pay- more like a date then splitting it evenly so that just isnt feasable for us anymore.

We do a shared account and we each get $200 a month in our own accts- mine goes to a student loan- my gym membership and my nails. Brians goes straight to his car payment (which we need to change, but thats another story)

Anyway I am a saver saver saver- and decently cheap. I like a good slurge every now and then, but I also feel like we dont need to eat out every weekend or go out and drink etc. Because I handle all the money, Brian just spends- which I will tell hm try to not go golfing this weekend, lets not go out to eat etc. But I am also not totally firm with him- he knows we have money in the acct from the wedding, but I really would like to start feeling like we are saving so much money a month so I can feel comfortable if we were to have to start paying daycare in a year. I am doing an analysis right now of where we are spending our money to see if we can figure out a solution. He has spend $40 this month at the gas station for food and energy drinks. To me thats nuts to him its only $4 a trip no biggie. With his parents history of bankruptcy and his irresponsiblity with money in the past I just want to make sure he understands money saving and where we are spending money.

Anyway- This weekend I thought we would do a low key friday that ended up in a $100 dinner out. Then I had a bachelorette and he volunteered at the irish hooley an irish event in dubuque. So drinking beers wasnt cheap. but once the band started you didnt want to leave your spot we wasted 3 drink tickets which also annoys me -like throwing money away

We had a really good weekend over all though Hammie went to the vet and she said he looks great an is really calm- lets hope he stays this way! We are starting puppy preschool September 30th but we are doing our best to make sure he isnt a spoiled puppy at home. introducing him to other dogs (families pets) and walking and potty training and kennel training.

Kennel training is so hard sometimes- at night when he whines you just want to go hold him, but he needs to feel like the kennel is his place and not be scared to go in there. The vet highly recommended kennel training which reinsured our feelings about it. However last night he spilled his water bowel and after 45min of barking we caved, only because Brian's dad was sleeping over. But he slept on the floor in our room- and actually did super good. He woke us up at 1 to go out and then I woke up at 630 to take care of him for the morning.. I felt my floor thouroughly for any accidents and there weren't any. Our goal is to have him sleep on the floor in our room when he is older- but after last night I just don't know if we should do it now or wait until he is fully trained. Ohh and he is getting better at walks we do this little probably .25 mile loop try to do it in the AM and PM.

Happy Monday All Keep on Sparking

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