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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hello Everyone!! I am back .. and in a much better mental state than last year!! Well ... Most of the time at least...

I did a very hard challenge here in town .... lost 22 pounds.... and I have gained about 8 of it back this summer.. which isnt badddd... per say ... but still .. I am up where I said I never would be again! SOO .. back to getting back on track..


Weight Loss I always say I just want to lose as much as possible.. I would like 6-9 pounds during this challenge.. that will get me back to where I left of at....

My main goals.. are to:

1.. track everyday .. I use my fitness pal because you know have to pay for sparkpeople on mobile (and I refuse!)..... so... track 6/7 days a week .. I know there is going to be that ONE day that I will be way too busy and forget! (even if i go over.. i need to track it ALL!)

2..work out.. 5/7 days a week .. at least 30 minutes those days...

3.. do some weights at least 3 days a week ... that is something i dont do on a regular basis.. and I need too

When my son is not with me.. I will get up in the AM and go to the gym ... when my son is with me I will wake up and do it in my living room...

That is my plan! I am ready.. :)
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