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Success Strategy: Pick Your Day!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Every journey starts somewhere....

I think it helps to draw a line and say "today".....and then let it begin. The good days and bad days will fall into that, but it has to start at some point. My date started on New Year's...it always does. I told myself this year would be different...and then I did nothing, like I often have. It wasn't until April, when I really started realizing that the year was dwindling away and nothing was being done that I got serious. But, April wasn't my start- January was. The failures and inaction are part of my year- and they are important because I need to learn from them.

Lines in the sand are temporary- the wind blows, the tides come in...and then the line is hard to see. But, you need to pick one...pick the day that you say "Let's do this!" and off you go!

September was another date I picked to say good bye to a bad habit. I am not even two weeks in, but so far, so good. The further I get form the "line" I drew on Sept 1, the stronger I get. Just saying I would get rid of this habit didn't help- I needed to commit that from this day forward, I will work with every bit of strength to get rid of my habit. You need to pick a date and commit it to yourself that "I will try to stick to THIS commitment starting from now, come what may!"

I just think it is important in starting something to hit the "on" button, flip the switch and say "I am starting"....AND THEN START!!
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