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Chuck E Cheese's pizza is NOT a health food!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My cousin's husband is an educated man. In fact, he has a Ph.D. in early childhood development and is a tenured professor at the local university. In spite of that, I heard him tell his children (ages 9 and 6) to finish their pizza "because it will help (them) grow big and strong".

Two days later and I'm still flabbergasted. Of course, now he's saying that he just wanted the kids to finish the last slices because they were going to start whining for food as soon as they got in the car. Well, may I suggest a couple of things here? Try setting a consistent snack time for the kids. My daughter knows better than to whine if she didn't finish her lunch (unless there was something wrong with it, but that's different) and that food will be offered again within a few hours. Or if you know a specific circumstance will set them off, prepare for it. I keep snacks in my purse because I know when my girl is done with her occupational, physical, or speech therapy she'll be hungry. If you can't handle that, how about not taking the kids to Chuck E Cheeses in the first place? Most kids have a difficult time eating when they are in the kiddie version of a casino. Or feeding them before you go, at least. I offered my daughter lunch first because I know she doesn't like pizza. However, she does like to participate with the family and she chose the pizza. (I ate before we left because Chuck E's "pizza-shaped food substitute" turns my stomach every time. I HATED going there when we were kids even though this same cousin kept having birthday parties there. It's loud. It's overwhelming. And even at 8 or 9 years old it gave me a migraine and made me vomit.)

Okay, so you HAVE to take the kids there to eat and you can't set consistent snack times for the kiddos. Is it absolutely necessary to tell them that pizza will help them "grow big and strong"? Just because you can't stand to see the last couple of slices get thrown out? (I don't care what you're saying now about the kids whining, I heard the preceding chatter about what a waste blah blah!) A to-go box, maybe? What are you going to tell them when they need to eat a vegetable? You've given up your biggest bargaining chip... that it's healthy... by teaching them that Chuck E's pizza is a health food. "Oh, no, Daddy. You TOLD us that Chuck E Cheese's pizza will make us grow big and strong. We don't NEED fruits and vegetables. Just take us to Chuck E's!"

I just want to bang my head into the wall. It would do as much good as talking to him. This man values "higher education". Maybe he should take a course in nutrition...
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    This guy could join the same club as the woman who told her daughter that a cheese puff is a vegetable. Didn't these people have to go through a health/nutrition class like we did in school?
    2732 days ago
    Some people are book smart but have no idea how to live in real life. He could be setting his kids up for future weight issues. Unfortunately, he's not doing anything really harmful (in the moment - the long-term effects aren't considered when thinking of abuse) so there's little you can do. If you ever babysit for the kids you can try to give them a healthier message, or if he ever helps take care of your kids you can set rules about how he's allowed to speak to your kids, but that's about it.

    This is also a good reminder about the example we set for kids. Adults sometimes don't set a good example, but we can check in with ourselves and do our best to set a better example.

    Similarily, there's a Papa Murphy's pizza commercial I keep seeing that makes me mad. "Love at 425*" is a disgusting slogan. It's telling adults the way to show their kids love is to feed them pizza. Too many people already equate food with love and that's just adding to the obesity epidemic.
    2733 days ago
    Most parents use the excuse eat your food so you grow big and strong. I don't feel the type of food here is as much an issue as the fact this man was encouraging his kids to eat after they were apparently satisfied hunger wise. This is not a good lesson and could lead to overweight children. We need to teach our children that when we are satisfied hunger wise it is ok to stop eating.
    2733 days ago
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