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Take 2!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

So, my week 2 of Spring into Shape didn't go so hot. Recapping my goals:

emoticon Do daily toning video
emoticon Track food 3 days this week
emoticon Do 20-30 mins cardio 5 days this week
emoticon Do bonus video twice this week
emoticon Freewrite 4 pages this week
emoticon Address any/all health issues this month

Let's see... where did I go wrong?

Well, Sunday and Monday were kinda tired/lazy days. Too lazy. Sunday I was exhausted and I'll go ahead and give myself that, but I don't have any good excuse for Monday. Tuesday I made myself do better. I got in some cardio and caught up on my toning videos. Although I kinda overdid it on the squats and lunges (Tuesday's video) and ended up *really* sore for a few days. Which probably played into the horrors of Thursday, which I will get to. Wednesday my upper body felt great (since it wasn't my legs or my abs) so I doubled up the toning video on that one. In retrospect, that would have been a great opportunity to do a bonus video instead. Lame! The cardio portion of that workout was tough- I could feel myself not working as hard or putting in as much effort, due to my overly sore legs. Regardless, I still ended up hot, sweaty, and huffin' & puffin'. I'll take it.

Thursday... ah, Thursday. I spent a nice afternoon with my "special friend" and he ended up having to drop me off at tap class. I still was a bit early, so I spent about 10 minutes trying to do a quick warm-up and some stretches in about a 2x2ft piece of floor-real-estate. My legs were still sore and wobbly from the over-exertion of Tuesday, and I tap in character shoes- they're about 1-1.5 in. heels. Should have known it was a recipe for disaster! About 10 or so minutes into the class, I flap/ball-changed/shuffle/ball
-changed on ol' lefty, and repeated on righty. When I hit that flap down on the floor, something went "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" in the general area of my adductor longus/gracilis, where my leg meets my pelvis. And, because I'm stubborn and stuff, I just kept going for the other 50 minutes. I struggled through all of it. By the time I left class, I could hardly walk. My "special friend" had to help me into the car and then practically carry me out of it when he dropped me off back at home. I was sore and hardly able to be on my feet the remainder of the night. That meant I also didn't get to my toning video that night. The next day, Friday, the pain was no longer sharp. Just kind of a sore, obnoxious, constant ache. I decided it would be a terrible idea to push myself into doing any exercise that day, too. I did go run (or walk very, very slowly) errands at a few stores for the family and that was enough. On Saturday I felt more sore than on Friday, so I think that was pushing it too much. So, I didn't do anything on Saturday.

Today is Sunday. I haven't technically done anything yet, but that doesn't mean I won't. I walked down to my local Starbucks (it's about a 10 minute walk), but it was like 100+ degrees out, so I went very, very slow so I wouldn't heat stroke on the way. I had a heavy backpack full of chemistry B.S. to study. Which I'm SO FRUSTRATED BY!!! It's so hard and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one struggling. In fact, I'm about 99% sure that 99% of my class feels as frustrated, angry, and hopeless as I do. So, maybe we'll talk to our instructor about it. He's having us memorize A TON of things for our test and it's impossible to keep it in our brains, and with only 1 week memorize it all.

I'm having a rough weekend emotionally. I'm now almost positive it's due to an impending ToM bit of "fun", but man oh man my emotions just need to f*** off! It's my "special friend's" birthday today and last night his friends threw him a party at a local bar. He invited me to go, of course, but I wasn't able to make it... mostly due to the fact that I don't have a f***ing car!!!!!! Once again, that fact is interfering with my life. I couldn't believe my reaction to not being able to go. I was in tears, inconsolable! I binge ate homemade browned-butter popcorn, candy, and candy corn Oreos- which DON'T taste like candy corn, by the way; more like butterscotch. I watched sad movies and continued to sob my way through them. Any of this sound like me?! NO! And I still am unable to digest the fact that I couldn't be there to celebrate with him. I actually found myself hiding him from my Facebook News Feed until I can stop feeling so sh*tty about it. This weekend would have been a great one to do some boxing training, like I've always wanted to do, 'cuz I've really REALLY felt like punching something really hard... in it's f***ing face!!! Over and over and OVER!!!

Well, at least this week I'll get to work on my last-listed goal of address any/all medical problems this month. Get myself back on some hormones so I can stop this madness. And also the ovary-exploding madness. That needs to just knock it off, too.

Okay, I'm all talked out. Plus I have a chem quiz on Monday and a chem exam on Wednesday to study for. Also, possibly, a medical terminology quiz, so I guess I better study for that, too.

Game of Thrones flamin' archery game at Comic Con. I rocked that simulation!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Okay, so you know we want more info on the special friend!?
    Sorry the school is so hard and you do not have a car...life is hard!
    Wishing you some relief and renewed spirit!
    2773 days ago
    Apparently I have missed A LOT OF STUFF. You have a special friend? That seems like great news...except of course you're all emotional...

    And, wow! You have set up some challenging goals - you will feel so fantastic if you even get most of that stuff done.

    Good luck with the soreness. A little soreness feels kind of nice, but constant, horrible soreness is just terrible.
    2775 days ago
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