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Got The Money Today....Yay

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I got the money today. took 5 grand off my home equity loan. I didn't really wanna do it this way....but my brother and my nephews safety is more important to me than anything i need in this entire world. and my brothers eyes seem to be open to this divorce needing to happen. please keep praying that he has the strength to see this thru.

I am taking the check to him tomorrow after work and he says he is talking to a lawyer friday, please please pray that he sticks to this. he and his kids deserve so much more than this life she is throwing at them.

thank you all for caring and praying for my brother, hes my best friend and it hurts me that he is hurting.
everything will be ok god will take care of them. and so will i.

And ending news on the bathroom floor junk. this court i won again but this judge ordered he only has to pay half ot the money back to me. the first case i won and he was ordered to pay it in full and now this. i do not understand why he even got to re try it when he lost. its whatever
and i cant retry it. im done trying. im going to accept the half if he ever pays it and let it go. he butchered my floor and my faith in trusting a small business to have integrity.
im letting it go if i ever get a penny it will be a great thing but im not counting on it. been fighting it since Jan now and so tired.
Things are slowly going to slow down and get better.
One day and thing aaaat a time
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