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Confessions of a Naughty Vegan

Sunday, November 03, 2013

My Man is on a fishing trip and has been gone for 10 days now..My plan was to do a quick cleanse while he was gone..I just love, love,, a good juice fast..I feel amazing after. I have been doing the start tomorrow thing, I am an ol pro at that one for sure..

I am totally out of control..I am using the fact that I am lonely to pacify myself with huge pastries, made with all the ugly ingredients. SUGAR, WT FLOUR, BUTTER, CREAM CHEESE, MILK, ugly!!!! I detest all of those things..The thought of eating them is so very wrong. Why, when someone else puts all the naughty together, serves it on pretty cellophane, do I think that is ok? I am driving right past, they need the business, such a nice family..The Ranch blueberry twists have me by the “balls” as my man would say…I am done..From this day forward I Kimmy, the girl that deserves to be treated better, will be refraining from going to the Ranch and eating the very naughty pastry..I promise!

I am so glad I got that off my chest, thanks for listening..

Have a bright and shiny day!!
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    2679 days ago
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    2680 days ago
  • -SHAWN-
    ROSALIEESTHER that is an EXCELLENT idea!
    I have McDougall's book: "The Starch Solution". Nice resource indeed!

    2681 days ago
    Kimmy! You're so open! We all fall sometimes. I think of it as a promise. You know, we detox, then we retox, then we detox.

    Just let yourself be. Every time we fall, we have an opportunity to learn.

    You'll be fine! I know you.

    You may wish to read the McDougall site drmcdougall.com and see how eating potatoes and other comfort starches WITHOUT OIL can really satiate our hunger and also help us avoid temptations containing things that are bad for us.

    2681 days ago
  • -SHAWN-
    "I just wonder why..why do I so easily sway in a direction that makes me sick."

    You can analyze that till kingdom come, but it will still boil down to: Because it tastes so good and has a very comforting effect!
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    Do you ever buy raw Almonds? Here is a sweet treat:
    1 cup raw, sprouted almonds, 1 cup unsweetened coconut, 4 dates, 1 tsp. vanilla and a pinch of salt. Process with your food processor and form into balls, Put in the freezer for an hour and serve :-)
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    * Side Note: Deceptive Labeling
    Actually no raw almonds been available in the U.S. since 2007 when the USDA ordered all almond growers to sterilize almonds in one of several ways: heat them using steam, irradiate them using a controversial ionization process, roast or blanch them, or treat them with propylene oxide (PPO).

    PPO is a known carcinogen, and most countries, including the EU, have banned imported nuts treated with PPO. The chemical is so nasty that it’s even been banned by both the National Hot Rod and American Motorcycle Racing Associations, where it had been used as a fuel additive before it was deemed too dangerous.

    The new rule created deceptive labeling. Almonds that have undergone chemical treatments or heating for pasteurization are still labeled "raw." Consumers who purchase "raw" almonds may well think that those almonds are natural and unprocessed. Moreover, there will be no label requirement to specify what kind of pasteurization treatment was used among the many approved methods or combination of options. See: http://goo.gl/11PY

    Just goes to show, my organic raw almonds, ARE NOT REALLY RAW!

    2681 days ago
    Eating fat, sugar and carbs make you crave more...?? Right! Fat, sugar and carbs. Tastes good, but when we dig deeper we know it's not good for us. It's hard but I have faith that you'll get back on track.
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    2681 days ago
    emoticon Stay strong!
    2681 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
    2681 days ago
    2681 days ago
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    2682 days ago
    Hang in there! You can do this!
    2682 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    Hey you are NOT alone...and I have been saying the same thing...WHY

    love your title Confessions of a Naughty Vegan and boy is that the truth (me being bad big time, too)
    2682 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/4/2013 8:51:11 AM
    Shawn you are such a hoot...Love your profile pict..I am working on the beating myself up thing...I just wonder why..why do I so easily sway in a direction that makes me sick. It just does not make sense to me how I can trick my brain into doing something so careless.. Thanks for the lovely advice, as usual you are brilliant.. emoticon back at ya
    2682 days ago
  • -SHAWN-
    90% of ALL media is owned by only 6 corporations. I think much of what we believe is an illusion.
    I think "SUGAR, WT FLOUR, BUTTER, CREAM CHEESE, MILK" are fine in appropriate moderation for the individual.
    Especially if you're using organic, however even then you need to read labels. Wood shavings are considered organic by our government, and some manufactures are using it, in cheese, ice cream, etc. Example: Organic Valley uses powdered cellulose made from wood pulp in its shredded-cheese products.
    I buy organic flour, sugar, cheese, milk etc. It costs more, so I eat less...lol
    If it's your choice not to ever eat these items, don't but when/if you do... Don't beat yourself up, that hurts you much more than occasionally eating your proclaimed forbidden foods.
    Cheer up SparkSista emoticon

    2682 days ago
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