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I have lost my Mum

Thursday, November 07, 2013

She died on Monday October 14th, early in the morning.
I saw her just the day before she passed away.
We flied from LA on Saturday, arrived in Paris on Sunday morning, took the TGV straight away and saw her in the afternoon.
She had been in coma since Mon Oct 7th.
The nurse told me that in her state, somebody else wouldn't have lived more than 5 days.
I was told in America and in France that she was waiting for me.
I believe it.
I talked to her in her ear. I believe that people in coma can hear you.
(My brother must have told her to wait for me, I suppose).
She would have been 90 on December 31st (it is always an easy birthday to remember !...)

We saw her like my Dad every summer for about 3 months for 14 years.
2 months this year.

She will keep me busy.
She wants me to go to ballet classes.
She wanted me to swim.
She would like me to go back to school.
She wanted me to be always elegant... we live near the beach here...
She liked me to have make up on... I tend to only do it when we go to the Theater...

She was a good Mommy.
She was not perfect (but nobody is) but did her best.
She was too often too strict (she missed a good sense of humor)... she was born in Poland. She was 6 when she came to France with her family. She had 5 younger brothers.
She helped her parents a lot at the farm. She left school at 13. She wanted in fact to be a schoolmistress as her schoolmaster wanted her to too.

She never knew she was dying.
We thought with DH that she could live another 2 years when we heard about her sudden health problems after a fall.
She left us in 1 week.
It was a surprise for all of us but the best death for her, I think.

What is good is that she wanted to live.
She wanted to go back home to keep on with her life.
We made sure with DH she had a good home.
We bought her all the appliances, etc. she couldn't afford any more (especially after my Dad's passing).
This summer we transformed her pink bathroom which had a bathtube she couldn't climb anymore into a blue hawain bathroom with a beautiful and huge shower.
She used it only once !
The house is big and beautiful (will be welcoming for our family and friends now).
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